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melty happy mummy moment

(7 Posts)
berolina Fri 15-Jul-05 00:22:51

to cheer anyone up who's reluctantly up late...
dh and 8 week old ds are asleep next to each other on the bed - same pose - ds on bak, dh on side, both with left arms flung out! you can so see the resemblance. what a beautiful gorgeous ds we've made

HappyHuggy Fri 15-Jul-05 00:25:16

awwwwww bless

I used to love finding my dh and ds like that


kgc Fri 15-Jul-05 00:34:02

berolina.....all the worlds worries disappear.....

Cristina7 Fri 15-Jul-05 00:55:12

you sound happy

kgc Fri 15-Jul-05 01:00:06

nice thread Cristina7 huh.....

kgc Fri 15-Jul-05 01:03:54

i have been on here tonight and have had some good threads and some threads where there is tension but this is a lovely thread where it hopefully gets us all back to the real deal......our little ones

berolina Fri 15-Jul-05 01:23:33

update... lovely picture gone... dh rolled over and is snoring
but ds still gorgeous and beautiful

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