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How to help ds who is having wobble about moving schools?

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Cracker Thu 14-Jul-05 23:16:57

My 6 year old is changing schools at the end of year one because he wasn't terribly happy or doing very well. When he visits his new school he says he loves it but is now having an enormous crisis about leaving what he sees as "the best school in the whole world" in a week's time. How can we make this transition easier for him? He won't go to sleep at night without a huge weep and rant. It's all very upsetting but too late to change our minds now. We don't want the summer holidays spoiled for him by him being hugely anxious and miserable. Has anyone been through this? Any tips please?

tiffini Fri 15-Jul-05 00:50:44


Skribble Fri 15-Jul-05 01:10:35

Not really got any tips ny DS had to change school aged 6. He always went on about how good his other school was. I tried to explain that the children were playing differently because they were older and his old freinds would be the same as they were getting older too. It helped to invite an old friend to his birthday party. If he has any special freinds maybe having them over for tea or meet at the park. I forked out for a whole class party for his first birthday at the new school, it gave me a chance to see whos who as well. Including the boy who had hassled him a lot, he was the one that didn't get collected at 7:30pm on a dark rainy winters night!

He had some very weepy moments but I think at this age they do get more emotional anyway and don't know quite how to handle these stronger emotions. If he hadn't had this to focus on I'm sure he would have been upset about something else.

FIMAC1 Fri 15-Jul-05 08:11:50

Could you see if the school would put you in contact with a couple of childrens parents in his new class so that he can have a couple of playdates in the summer holidays? Or maybe spend a day - or even a half day in the new one next week before they break up?

Cracker Fri 15-Jul-05 13:57:10

Thanks for these. I have been given the numbers of some of the other parents so will arrange a play date. I agree that they are emotional at this age adn I guess I've just got to let him cry and rage and hope he settles down in September. Skribble, how long did it take before your child was settled after his move?

Skribble Sat 16-Jul-05 01:12:10

Its hard to tell how long as he would use it to cry about when tired and couldn't put his finger on what was upsetting him. Once a few other new kids joined he stopped feeling like the new one and he has a couple of boys who come to the house to play. I think for the whole year he felt like the new kid but was by no means upset all the time. He's had a few head teachers awards which they didn't do at his last school so this helped with the "my last school was better".

Just remember its bestnow than later, by year 4 and 5 the relationships are stronger.

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