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what do you tell them?

(2 Posts)
linzoid Wed 18-Jun-03 18:04:45

On a few occasions my 2 ds have been in a situation where another child has been aggressive with them (arguing over toys,pushing, shoving and that sort of thing) I have usually just told them to go play away from them and not to hit back otherwise they will be wrong too. Recently i let my 7yr old play on the next street outside his friends house for the first time(usually stays on our street). He came running back very upset shortly after as some older boys had punched him in the stomach and shoved him! I never caught up with those boys, don't know who they are. Since then every little argument or niggle with someone and he is running back to me expecting me to sort it out. Should i tell him to hit people back or not? He isn't the sort of child to hit people really but all the other kids round here seem so streetwise in comparison and i'm afraid i am turning him into a wuss! help, advice needed please.

whymummy Wed 18-Jun-03 18:33:56

my ds(5) is going through the same thing at school and i tell him to pull a really angry face and shout to the boys to go away this is working so far but it`s probably easier at that age, i also would have a word with his friend`s mum to keep an eye on those boys(you`ve probably done that already)sorry not much help

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