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How do you add vouchers to Tesco online shopping?

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milkmonsters Mon 08-Feb-10 21:57:13

My tesco online order is due for delivery tomorrow Tuesday and I've just been online to revise the grocery contents, but now it won't let me add a money-off voucher.

After you added or deleted some shopping, you go to Checkout and at that stage you can't add any vouchers.

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

I havent got time to contact Tesco to ask as their callcentre shut now.

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aJumpedUpPantryBoy Mon 08-Feb-10 22:23:30

You can only use the vouchers when you place the order first time (during the payment).
YOu can ammend the order later on, but not add vouchers.

l39 Tue 09-Feb-10 10:01:36

Pantryboy is right - the system won't let you add vouchers after payment.

You can add the voucher early so you don't forget, though. Do a dummy shop, get to the checkout page, add the voucher and get it accepted, then sign out without doing the payment. Then go back and change the order days later when you know what you want, the voucher will still be there, and complete the shop by paying.

Thunderboy Wed 06-May-20 21:33:18

I was having the same issue this evening but you can add the vouchers after the original checkout. You cant do it on the app but if you login to the desktop site then you can add any vouchers in on the left hand side of the screen then checkout again and it recalculates. Happy days, I had a small fortune in vouchers to be used smile

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