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Is a phil and ted's vibe my only option?

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meoww Fri 05-Feb-10 14:03:10

Hi i'm a single mum, 31 weeks pregnant, my son almost 3 yrs old.
My son due to his behaviour needs to be in a pram bassically.
I don't drive, and on the occasion i do try to walk to places (like just the other day) took him for the 15 minute walk to playschool so i could do my cookery course, he screamed most of the entire way there and lay in a muddy feild for over 20 minutes, then on the way back i let him go to the park for 10 minutes but we had to get home as it was starting to snow and get dark, he schreamed constaly and i had to put him up about 20 times and drag him most of the way home, it was absolutely horrendous.
He is the average size of a 3 1/2 to 4 year old my healthvisitor has established and i obviously shouldnt be having to pick him up while being so heavily pregnant, but if he fancies laying down in the middle of the road i have to.
So now i've demonstrated why he needs to be strapped down and restrained in a pram so i'm able to do daily things, my big problem is; how the heck can i get a pram to accomodate him AND a baby.
The vibe by phil and teds seems to be the only one big and strong enough for a kid of his size and i'd put the baby in the extra seat. I'm going to have to spend all of my maternity grant on one, despite me needing that money for many other baby things, but hey ho.
UNLESS anyone knows any alternative?
Taking into account my boy's weight and behaviour, i can't risk him jumping off a buggy board and deciding to lay in a muddy feild/middle of a road for half an hour when i have the little baby too.

Disenchanted3 Fri 05-Feb-10 14:06:47

By the things you've said You could get any.

Why notget a 2nd hand sport, much cheaper.

Do ypu get on the bus?side by side 3 wheelers are great such as the mountain buggy and nipper 360. all great for bigger kids.

The vibe might be a problem as the baby lies flat at first with child on seat at top. he may be too big to sit on top?

I would reccomend a P& for someone with a smaller gap tbh!

MummyElk Fri 05-Feb-10 14:10:31

how about a buggypod? i don't know how heavy he is so it may not work....hmm

can you just get a cheaper doubles pushchair? you can use so many of the umbrella type pushchairs from birth now, i don't see why the baby couldn't be in one side and him in the other...

or Ebay....get a cheaper second hand P+T....
I don't see how a Vibe is any better than the other "normal" phil and teds, unless it's to do with the weight, but i'm sure you could get an older version of one for much cheaper than a new Vibe....

sorry not massively helpful but still, it may bump it for you smile

meoww Fri 05-Feb-10 14:32:06

i'm thinking the side by side pushchairs would be incredibly weighed down at one side with my son, he's the weight of a 4 yr old and the height of a 3 1/2 yr old.
The vibe extra seat lays almost flat which i thought would have to be good enough, unless i keep baby in the sling for a couple of months, my son would definately need the bigger seat.

I tried the phil and teds at mothercare, the vibe is substancially bigger than the other models, his feet have to cram into the older ones and there's limited head room when the hood is up, i spose he could fit into the small phil and teds if he had to, but if i'm spending hundreds i may aswell get something that is completely suitable.

I wish there was a cheaper vibe type pram somewhere, or some other large strong pram with an extra seat, does anyone know of one?
I would love to get one which will just do the whole duration, so i can take the second seat off next year perhaps and use the remaining single buggy for my younger son until he's 3 or so.

meoww Fri 05-Feb-10 14:36:13

i may look for a second hand sport in all honesty, even though its not as good, i just cannot imagine coping without my 3 yr old having a pram to be strapped into during his outbursts.
thanks i'm gonna look.

i would get a vibe to make life easier but i will have £500 and still need to buy a cot and many other things, arg.

Disenchanted3 Fri 05-Feb-10 14:36:40

Honetly it wont be weighted down

I have a son whos 4 in june he rode in a double mountain buggy with his new sister and it was perfect turned on a penny.

obaby do one sim to p&t, someones selling on eon the mumsnet forsale board for £200

meoww Fri 05-Feb-10 14:41:00

OMG wow @ the buggypod, interesting... lol

flowerybeanbag Fri 05-Feb-10 14:42:33

I have the Vibe, really don't think it would work for you tbh. The second seat reclines slightly but I really wouldn't put a new baby in it, not nearly flat enough. New baby needs to go flat in the main seat for a while, and your DS will be too big for the smaller seat on top.

meoww Fri 05-Feb-10 14:47:44

a side by side is a lovely idea so they can kinda socialise with eachother on walks, lol
We are big hikers and campers in the summer :D which is why a pram is really important, even for a well behaved 3 yr old theyre not walking 5 miles..
i will consider a side by side all terrain one as i could exchange in future hopefully.
My son looks older too which is why people probably think 'what the hell is he doign in a pram', but walking is a massive part of our lives.

I'll try and find what this OBaby one is about too..

Disenchanted3 Fri 05-Feb-10 15:02:55

I totally agree, I have a air tyred 3 wheeler as we walk everywhere (dont drive) and a small stroller for when we get the bus.

I honestly would go for a used 3 wheeler and then when your DS is older and can wak sell it and but a single 3 wheeler.

They are the best buggies for walking.

meoww Fri 05-Feb-10 15:05:11

thanks for the tip off about the obaby version, i wondered how long it would take for more reasonably priced ones to be on the market, i just wonder what kind of size this one is..

Disenchanted3 Fri 05-Feb-10 15:19:39

if you have the cash spare for a few day or a credit account you could order it from additions, see if it bigger enough

if you dont take it outside you an return straight away after checking it out.

Then buy one cheaper elsewhere once you know its ok?

Personally I really would go for a double 3 wheeler though

LooL00 Fri 05-Feb-10 15:52:22

The Phil and Teds I have has a 15 kg weight limit on the seat that goes on top when baby lies flat. Also the top seat is quite high up and any 3 year old can undo the straps. You won't need this for long so why not get any old cheap side by side 3 wheeler.

meoww Fri 05-Feb-10 16:14:32

worried about the 3 wheeler double on bus trips, could use my single fold up pram for the bus, but if my older boy throws a tantrum during that then that's epic fail. Older boy needs to be strapped down on buses especially, i've been through hell with him laying half on/half off the bus, trying to drag him to a seat with everyone gasping, that AND the new baby= arg. I expect his behaviour wont improve when new baby is here either from what people are saying.

I know he cant use the upper seat on a phil and teds, i could keep baby in the sling untill it's old enough to go in the extra lower seat, i reckon 2-3 months and full puffy body suit clad the babe will be able to go in that seat, it seems to recline as much as any bouncy chair does, half laying down with the zips open and back pushed throught the metal.
Trying to find a second hand vibe within a reasonable distance is hard though.. :/

I would sooner keep my new baby in a sling than even attempt life without my older boy in a pram if i cant get anything..

Disenchanted3 Fri 05-Feb-10 18:22:03

sounds like a good plan

flaime Fri 05-Feb-10 19:20:46

We had a sit on buggy board for our DDs, i used to use reigns on them and pop them over the handle of the pushchair so there was no chance of them jumping off if they were naughty. They were only 2 at the time though.

meoww Sat 06-Feb-10 10:23:10

my boy is still 2 technically, 3 next week...

farri Tue 16-Feb-10 11:46:54

i also have the vibe it is useless the seat underneath feels too small and does not recline also my 15 month old sons hand got trapped in the wheel under the mudguards. Another problem is that people do not realise there is a another child underneath especially when its in toddler/newborn mode my poor baby used to get bashed by people walking past :-(

MumNWLondon Tue 16-Feb-10 12:00:07

my DD could sit in maclaren until around 4 but they are heavy to push.

the double nipper is quite big and nice to push and seats go flat for a baby. other similar

problem with the vibe is that the extra seat is quite small and he'll have to sit in it until the baby is ready to sit up at around 6 months. the extra seat on the sport is slightly bigger so might be better. i borrowed a sport when we had to do a big walk recently ... i had DD aged 6 on the big seat and DS aged 3 (but he's small) on the back extra seat and it was ok - although back seat a bit cramped - and he was too big for it to recline (his head was over bar).

ihave3beauties Fri 30-Apr-10 08:07:04

Hi there.. im torn bewtween the sport vibe and dash.. hubby wants a vibe coz it looks lush... we can get it for not much more than the dash..i dont like the break on the dash.. dd is a tall 2 and i need it for the winter.. im aiming to the vibe.. would you recommened it to me? i do walk every day and baby no 4 is due soon.. i walk to 2 schools so need the right buggy..

Adair Fri 30-Apr-10 08:27:02

Sounds v hard with your boy, have you tried the 'oh you're such a big boy to be WALKING' approach 'you know, the baby wont be able to wwalk' and then praise him as he walks well - but threaten the pram (and follow it through) if he doesn't. Agree you need to take pram out.

I had Maclaren and sling for baby. Didn't do doubles. But may well for the next one (hoping ds will be nearly 3ish)

Everyone I know LOVES their Phil & Teds. Lots of second-hand ones (not sure of different makes but I think you can pick up one for £350?). Your £500 is to help you - USE it. Use gumtree/ebay/freecycle for other baby bits. You must have things from the older one too. I think it sounds like the P&T will make your life easier (and I thought the baby went in the back at first?).

Oh, and congratulations!!

yellowfork Fri 30-Apr-10 08:37:27

hi, can you put your new baby in sling and use pushchair for the first few months then decide? have you tried a buggy board? he might enjoy standing then that would free up the buggy for baby?

the p&t has great wheels (make sure they're pumped up though) so it won't be heavy to push with heavier load compared to maclarens (we have both).

however not sure if your 3 yr old would be abe to sit in the high bit of p&t when you have the cocoon bit in with baby lying flat as seat is high up and doesn't seem that sturdy?

side by side would definately have probs with weight distribution...

good luck

Skimty Fri 30-Apr-10 13:28:52

Just seen this.Probably too late but look at the marco sky longhorn. It's cheaper and would definitely fit you all!

saralouisetaylor Mon 11-Jan-16 15:04:08

Your son sounds just like mine, and mine has autism, perhaps you apply for dla?

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