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Toddler trouble

(9 Posts)
Tissy Thu 12-Jun-03 20:28:08

I'm really fed up at the moment, and do know what to do.

My dd is 17 months old and until a couple of weeks ago was a fairly happy-go -lucky type of toddler. Not too picky with food, reasonably easy to get to sleep, slept most of the night....

A couple (maybe three or four) weeks ago she had her MMR, didn't seem too upset by it,8 days later had a high temperature a flu-like reaction which lasted for three or four days. After this she had a cold/ cough, followed by a tummy bug going round nursery, and now she's got two molars comimg through.

She's really becoming difficult to handle.She's clingy, refuses to be fed anything, but won't eat finger food, and has moved her going to sleep time from 7pm to 8.30pm, although the routine hasn't changed at all. Otherwise she seems happy, but she's scrawny at the best of times, and I don't want her to lose any weight, or the HV will start asking questions (due a Hib booster next week). I'm fed up with sitting in her room for an hour and a half to get her to go to sleep.

Any ideas?

Tissy Thu 12-Jun-03 20:28:46

Of course mean DON@T know what to do

Tissy Thu 12-Jun-03 20:29:01

Sod it, can't type!

SoupDragon Thu 12-Jun-03 20:34:14

... and she's about the right age to be entering the Terrible Twos too At least both DSs started at 18 months.

It sounds like she's had a rough time of it recently - I've had the tummy bug, followed by a cold followed by a filing so I think I know how she feels...!

No solutions I'm afraid, but I'm sure the eating/sleeping problems are only temporary, probably brought on my feeling under the weather and having sore gums.

meanmum Thu 12-Jun-03 20:42:17

Don't know what to advise but commiserate with you as ds is going through some of this. Food wise, would it be a terrible thing if you gave her things she liked even if they weren't the most nutritious. It won't be forever and I'm sure she'll return to normal once everything abates. If you're really worried how about fruit icypoles/lollipops. I've been making them for ds now that the weather is getting so warm. Ikea have really cheap icypole containers and I've just been blending up a variety of fruit including figs to keep his bowels working and using sugar free lemonade to give it a kick. I don't mind if he eats a few a day as it is all fruit and the coldness helps with his teething at the moment.

bossykate Thu 12-Jun-03 21:17:36

commiserations. my ds was the spawn of satan today!

on the positive side, this does seem to stem from a specific situation, so with luck will settle down of its own accord.

best of luck!

bossykate Thu 12-Jun-03 21:18:32

btw, meanmum, is icypole aussie for lolly? never heard that one before!

meanmum Thu 12-Jun-03 21:21:13

It must be an Australian term. If a lolly a frozen treat then they are the same thing. For us lollies are what you guys call sweets/sweeties and I still get them confused. No wonder my friends kids look at me weird when I say some things.

florenceuk Fri 13-Jun-03 10:16:35

Tissy, commiserations. DS also was very hard to deal with when his molars came through, around about the same time he was shifting from two sleeps to one - started waking at 5-5.30am, sleeping for 30min at a time and generally very grumpy and tired. Still waking horribly early at the moment, but sleeping much better during the day, which improves things quite a bit. Also I find he only eats one reasonable meal a day - at lunchtime he is either too sleepy or too grumpy from having woken up from his nap, and all he wants is a BF. So I just give him sandwiches and fruit then, and feed him a hot meal for tea - which is more the pattern I had when I was young anyway. I'm sure when the molars come through she will calm down a lot, but they do seem to take ages to poke through - then the eye teeth come through next etc etc...

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