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Dd1 had a massive cry this morning because...

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emkana Mon 04-Jul-05 22:15:39

... she never ever wants to turn five, she wants to stay four forever.

I think it's suddenly hit her that her time at playgroup is coming to an end and that she will go to school soon, and while she is happy and excited to go to school she suddenly found the thought quite scary, I think.

It broke my heart, really, because in a way I want her to stay four forever.
But we had a long talk about how fantastic and wonderful school will be and she was okay.

nell12 Mon 04-Jul-05 22:19:45

bless! remind her of this day when she hits her teens

helsi Mon 04-Jul-05 22:20:59

aww poor thing. At least she doesn't want to grow up - kids are too eager to these days.

Dd turned to me the other day ad said. "I'm not a baby mum I'm grown up now".

She's 2 and a half!!

MarsLady Mon 04-Jul-05 22:21:35


sallystrawberry Mon 04-Jul-05 22:22:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Orinoco Mon 04-Jul-05 22:34:56

Message withdrawn

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