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is it a turning one thing....

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luckylady Mon 04-Jul-05 19:34:05

DS has just turned one...
All of a sudden he has become a seriously fussy eater liking something oneday then not the next etc.. This is annoying but I can live with it it just means that meal times can need 3-4 attempts before i find what he fancies.

He has also started to scream when we put hinm up to bed on a night. Durong the day he will go no probs he will cry for 2-3 mins then sleep, but on a night he just screams. (this from a baby who from 8 weeks old has slept though in his own room and always been put to bed awake).
The only way we can get him to sleep is to hold him this can take 5 mins to ++ hrs. Last night he woke up at 10.30pm and I did't get him back to sleep till 1am. then he was still awake at 5.45am.

He is also still having 3-5 9oz bottles a day (cows milk). But he is only a little baby (19-20lb) so I don't mind.

Do you think this is a stage (can't rememebr from 1st time roound). Or do you think he could be teething.... or a bit of both, I defo know he is teething as he has a cough which he gets with every tooth bless....

kid Mon 04-Jul-05 20:07:54

I think you need to set firm rules (well firmish!) so he knows what is expected from him (says me that was still rocking a 2.5 year old to sleep )

I did learn from my mistakes though and DS was a much better baby at meal times ans sleep times.

Also, bump for anyone else that may be able to answer you!

QueenOfQuotes Mon 04-Jul-05 20:09:52

Not sure about the sleep.

But at meal times - offer him one meal only, if he doesn't want it, that's just tough - he still may not eat a lot but he'll at least eat some if he learns that he won't be offered anything else.

kbaby Mon 04-Jul-05 22:03:04

my dd is 1 and we went through a stage of not liking what she eat before. If she has tasted it but doesnt want it then I dont give her anything else and take it away. If she hasnt even tasted it then I generally know shes not well.
If you start giving too many choices you end up wasting lots of food.
As regards to the sleeping I cant help really as our DD is the same. Some nights shell sleep fine others she may wake and not go back to sleep(although weve never been blessed with a sleeper). We do resort to milk and calpol if we cant work out whats wrong with her. We tend to go by the rule that if she slept fine last night but is unsettled tonight then something must be bothering her ie teeth, ear ache. I dont know if this is right.
Our DD is 23lb and is only on 2 bottles of milk. ive heard that too much milk at this age would stop them being hungry for solids which is where all the energy and vitamins they need at this age are.

MarsLady Mon 04-Jul-05 22:29:45

I think that you are probably giving too much milk. DT1 is a diddy one. She's 17 months and weighs what your 1 yo weighs. If she drinks too much milk she won't eat much food. So, maybe you should try cutting down on some of the milk. Try 7oz bottles and cut one of them out.

Sleep, who knows........... some do... some don't! The DTs are, hopefully, learning to sleep but still get up at least once. Maybe she gets up cos she's hungry!

luckylady Tue 05-Jul-05 05:35:30

Thanks all for your advice.

I will try and cut out one of his bottles and reduce the others as suggested.

As for the food, I will try and become a bit more firm with him and only offer him one thing. I am sure that if he was hungry then he would eat.

He did wake up again last night but settled after a bottle (mainly water with some milk) and in our bed!! something i don't really want to do.
(I think the heat could be getting to him to on an evening, but not sure why it has just started to bother him.)

Thanks again for your advice.

TracyK Tue 05-Jul-05 08:28:31

Agree with others - cut down the milk. I always make one meal for ds - but sometimes he likes it sometimes he doesn't! If he doesn't eat much - I'll fill him up with eggy bread (never refused) or a banana or bread and jam. But I wouldn't make any more than 1 meal option - too confusing for them. Plus I know that sometimes ds will sit and play with his food for a good 15 mins and then just as I'm about to take it away from him - he starts to eat it! Sometimes they just aren't ready to start eating straight away of they aren't ravenous.
At 1 yo - ds had 7oz on waking, bfast an hour later, cracker or fruit snack at 10.15, lunch at 12, 4oz of milk at 2.30, dinner at 5ish and 8oz at 6.30 before bed.
As for sleeping - its prob a combo of teeth, heat, thirst and maybe hungry. It does settle down eventually.

luckylady Tue 05-Jul-05 15:53:08

well today DS had his milk when he woke up then his breakfast, he then ate all his lunch sa soon as it was offered plus a dessert. He then had about 3 oz milk mid afternoon, then had his tea at 5 oclock and ate it all plus dessert and a banana.

Thank you all again for your advice, I think it was just me being dumb really with the milk thing....

Well of to do bath time then hopefully a bottle then bed, hopefully he will go down for the night.

Thanks again

TracyK Wed 06-Jul-05 08:47:35

How was he last night Luckylady?

luckylady Wed 06-Jul-05 10:49:17

he had me up all night lucky if I had 2 hrs sleep!!

I have spoken to our hv when i went to clinic and she thinks that it is seperation anxiety (sp) in the night as he has always been a very good sleeper. She has advised that I rub his comfort blanket over me before i give him it for bed then just perservere and not give in by putting him in our bed, so I am preoparing myself for another sleepless night. Would rather knock ot on the head now before he gets too use to coming into our bed.

Will let you know how I get on tommorrow, must go and pick DD up from school now.

swiperfox Wed 06-Jul-05 10:56:46

Hiya. I'm up in the night too and having a battle with food. My problem might also be the milk as Fin is a total milk monster and has to have milk in his cup all the time. He gets through a pint or more in a day and i have to put a carton of sma in his cup at night with him because he will wake up to find it and sometimes thats the only thing that will get him back off to sleep. He's also a nightmare with food just now and will either eat the whole lot or eat nothing at all. He's being very picky about what he eats and at the mo has got a thing about pears - he'll happily munch through a whole pear by himself but wont eat a meal in his highchair.

Its so frustrating. You'd think by a year things would be coming together!

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