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Help! I need semi-healthy meal ideas for DD!!

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Mandymoo Sun 03-Jul-05 21:06:12

I've fallen into the trap of giving DD the same old meals day after day and I need some semi-healthy meal ideas please!! What do all you other mumnetters give your little darlings?!

kama Sun 03-Jul-05 21:06:47

Message withdrawn

Mandymoo Sun 03-Jul-05 21:12:53

DD is 2.6 yrs - she doesnt really have a big appetite but likes most things. She hates tomatoes but apart from that she will at least try most things. I've just run out of inspiration for meal ideas. I also want to start giving her more healthy meals instead of the bog standard fish fingers and pasta that i tend to give her!

Mum2girls Sun 03-Jul-05 21:17:56

My 2 love omelette

My DD2 is the same age and she adores corn on the cob.


What about veggie lasagne - you can hide all manner of veg in the pasta sauce (spinach, celery, peppers).

Pitta pockets? with humous and yogurt mixed/tuna mayo/cheese and cucmber...

bambi06 Sun 03-Jul-05 21:19:05

quesadillas filled with cheese and herbs homemade lam kebabs, my dd loves helping making them plus meatballs , she thinks its great with the squidgy mince. salmon with orange juice and roasted with couscous and salad differnt flavour quiches or little mini ttype cornish pastries filled withmeat and potato and veg or chees and onion/ homemade pizza/ sausage meat plait (sausage meat mixed with tinned /drained tomatoes and grated chees)wrapped in flaky/puff pastry..pureed veg dips with toasted pita bread . bread sticks, bread rolls etc. sorry i could go on and on we have so much variety in our house and my d adores food

Mandymoo Sun 03-Jul-05 21:22:01

Wow thanks! I really am stuck in a rut arent i?!!

Dont suppose you know of a website where i could get the recipes????

spidermama Sun 03-Jul-05 21:22:27

I love Joanna Blythman's book - The Food Our Children Eat: How To Get Children To Eat Good Food.

collision Sun 03-Jul-05 21:22:33

French toast
Raw veg with dips
Paella with chicken and prawns and veg
Shepherds Pie
Pasta with pesto
Mussels with french bread
His latest fad is lobster and fresh crab!!!!

bambi06 Sun 03-Jul-05 21:23:20

just punch in `recipie for lamb` etc and lo and behold hundreds of sites , i`m working my way through them at present

fishfinger Sun 03-Jul-05 21:24:21

spag bol
eggy bread na beans
stri fry bacon with swweetcorn adn noodles

Nemo1977 Sun 03-Jul-05 21:27:07

ds[20mths] loves anything with rice like curry sweet n sour etc pasta based meals such as spag bol, pasta bake etc. lasagne noodles mash potato n grilled sausage
in fact ds pretty much eats whatever we eat.

SPARKLER1 Sun 03-Jul-05 21:28:13

blimey some very exotic suggestions on here - my dds would give me some very strange looks if I were to dish up some of these things.

Mandymoo Sun 03-Jul-05 21:31:02

Nemo - do you have a curry recipe i could nick off you please? Always fancied doing a curry but never knew where to start (other than opening up a tin of ready made curry sauce and i dont really want DD eating that)

Surfermum Sun 03-Jul-05 21:41:38

DD loves casseroles - I put whatever type of meat in plus all sorts of vegetables. Her favourite is chicken with potato, cabbage, spinach, brussels sprouts and broccoli. DH and I just look at her wolfing it down in amazement as we both hate veg and wonder how we bred someone who seems to love them. Long may it last!

slug Mon 04-Jul-05 16:04:29

In hot weather pitta bread cut into strips with hummous and a selection of raw vegetables. She has an unaccountable love of celery, which make assembling dinner easy and quick.

Boiled pasta with boursin. Quick and very easy. Or you put boursin, green stuff (spinach, watercress, rocket etc), some peppers and a tomato (she won't notice it) into a blender, whizz it up and pour over cooked pasta.

French toast. I get her to help with this.

Cheesy potato is the staple in our household. Stab an unpeeled potato a few times with a sharp knife. - The sluglet insists on choosing one, matches it up to her tummy then announces 'this is a my size one'. Microwave the potato on full for 2 or 3 minutes, turn it over and blast for another couple of minutes. Take it out and dump it in some cold water. This will make it easy to peel. Meanwhile grate some cheese. Pull the peel off the potato, add the cheese and mash with a fork. Serve with raw veg as before. If she fails to finish it, the next day put teaspoon sized lumps into a hot non stick frypan and hey presto 'Cheesy potato balls'

purpleturtle Mon 04-Jul-05 16:46:18

Slug, I had to read your post twice before I realised the sluglet is choosing the spud, not the appropriate knife! Bit worried there for a minute

GeorginaA Mon 04-Jul-05 16:53:47

can recommend the annabel karmel favourite family meals (or whatever it's called now! Used to be called Family Meal Planner when I bought it!) - I use loads of the recipes out of there, fairly unfaffy and the kids in general think the food is edible

Ameriscot2005 Mon 04-Jul-05 16:57:12

We give the kids the same food that we eat (and we all eat together).

If the meal is child only for some reason, then it might be baked potato with choice of fillings, scrambled eggs on toast, macaroni cheese, fish pie, fried chicken breasts, sandwiches, pizza...

Nemo1977 Mon 04-Jul-05 17:05:01

mandy moo i just usually use a mild curry powder and throw in some onions, meat, u can put any other bits of veg in u like such as peas/sweetcorn. The curry powder has instructions on it to follow but does tend to be a bit more watery than jar of curry

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