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Am stuck in teething long will this last?!!

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cfc Sat 02-Jan-10 15:04:53

Baby is 7.5 months old and is properly teething (I can't believe I've previously used the term "Oh I think he's teething"...stupid me). He's a nightmare at the mo and sleep, well, what's that? We're on a week now and sleep, terrible grisly little boy.

Please tell me, when will this pass??

dinkystinky Sat 02-Jan-10 15:46:56

IME, about 2 weeks for one tooth, longer if more cutting through - BUT it does pass and his sleep will go back to normal and then go belly up again when he teeths again... DS1 got used to teething by third tooth (but didnt get teeth till after 1) but DS2 started teething at 7 months (2 came through at once) and now is teething with another 5 breaking through so sleep has been rather sparse for the past few weeks. Top tips - teething gels, anbesol (antiseptic and anesthetic) if others arent doing the trick, nelsons teetha powders, nurofen - and sleep when they sleep if you can. It will pass eventually...

cfc Mon 04-Jan-10 20:45:40

Oh my days - 2's been 4 days only and we're nearing wit's end!

Will try all you suggest, though the only thing we've not used is that gel, though my mother says that's really good too.

Thank you for your reply.

Anyone else care to share their experience?!

NewYearNewBaby Mon 04-Jan-10 22:35:50

I feel your pain!! My DS (13 months old) has currently been teething for a week and a half to two weeks (I'm so tired I've lost track!!). We've now got one tooth half way through and another which looks like it may come through in a few days.

I have to say my DS is sooo much worse with his teeth than my DD was, and like you, I've forgotten what a proper amount of sleep feels like!! He's also not eating/drinking properly and seems to have gone off all his previously favourite foods. I'm hoping this is all linked to his teeth, and therefore will get better eventually!!

I am getting very fed up of my whiney, grisly little boy! He has got 7 teeth now, with no. 8 on the way, and judging by his previous teeth it is about 2 weeks of bad sleep etc per tooth, so could be a while yet ....

Northumberlandlass Tue 05-Jan-10 07:58:47

I feel your pain too! sad
My DS started teething at around 8 months and we had projectile vomiting, explosive poos, sore bums, face covered in a rash, disturbed sleeping for MONTHS !!!!!! oh and of course he was VERY grumpy.

Poor wee man was so under the weather for ages. We really kept him dosed up on Nurofen (Calpol doesn't seem to help him) and I also got some Cammomile crystal sachets from Boots, which apparently help sooth their mouthes. I couldn't honestly say that it helped that much, but I would of given anything a go.

One of the reasons that DS's teething seemed to take a long time was that his teeth didn't appear in the usual order. He also got 6 teeth within a week, so he really must of suffered !


CantSleepWontSleep Tue 05-Jan-10 08:07:22

7.5months you say. Ah well, only another 18 months or so to go grin.

FunnyLittleFrog Tue 05-Jan-10 08:08:06

DD is 14 months old and we're going through another bout of teething at the moment - bad sleep, runny noses, grumpiness... ah the joys! I agree that it does seem to be about two weeks for each tooth and the the best thing to use is Nurofen. Powders and gels don't seem to do much for my DD.

cfc Tue 05-Jan-10 19:58:51

Well he roared himself hoarse last night the poor little love. I tried my hardest to comfort him but he didn't know what to do with himself - didn't know if he wanted cuddles or not. I just was there with him and gave him the crystals, gel, calpol (we've been alternating between the two) and camomile water from the doc (who said this was just teething).

I truly truly hope it isn't like this for every tooth - did anyone experience this for just the first few? *ever hopeful*!!

cfc Wed 06-Jan-10 13:37:55

Am writing to myself now I know but just praying on the internet that the baby sleeps sometime soon - either today at some point so I can get my head down or tonight please please please please please.


fandango75 Wed 06-Jan-10 20:47:21

my ds1 turned 1 yesterday and is strangely on tooth 15. He started teething at 16 weeks old and currently has 3 molars pushing through at once. I totally understand your situation and it has been so hard having a lack of sleep for a year that i have had a few dramatic meltdown to dh if that makes you feel better! I find lack of sleep the single hardest thing about parenting i have to say. Anyway he seems to have got used to the pain now (poor beastie) and anbesol and calpol do the trick. good luck

PurpleCrazyHorse Thu 07-Jan-10 04:44:17

Anbesol liquid is good as it doesn't slide off your finger like the gels do.

cfc Fri 08-Jan-10 10:42:13

Thank you for your replies. We're still battling with sleep and I'm now so worried about not getting any sleep and when he'll be up again for hours that when I go to bed at 8.30 I can't actually get to sleep until after he's been awake!!


mummytomatildaandrose Mon 24-Jan-11 15:47:41

cfc - I've just been searching for teething and vomiting and came across your message and I just couldn't help reply because you really need to get hold of some chamomilla - it's the stuff that is in teething granules, except you need to get it in a stronger potency for it to really work. I can't tell you the nightmare we have had with teething with our DD1. From about 9 months until now she has been all over the place with teething. From about 12mo she had a temperature every 2 weeks and we were told it was viruses. She had 3 febrile convulsions because of the temperatures caused by the teething. When we finally clicked that it was her teeth, our doctor recommended that we try homeopathy and we haven't looked back. our DD2 is now going through teething - she is 11mo and we have only had to use calpol once.

You can buy chamomilla from ainsworths, website is and you order 30c potency - if this all sounds a bit complicated, just call them - tel no is 01883 340332. With the homeopathic tablets don't touch them when you administer them, just pour the tablet into the top and then straight into the mouth. In our experience chamomilla sorts out bad dreams, teething, ear ache, general grumpiness. It really is worth a try!

Don't ever let anyone tell you that nothing is caused by teething!!

pipplin Tue 25-Jan-11 16:30:11

Ooh mummyto can you get this holland and barrett? Is it s tiny tablet like other homeopathy stuff?

PinkToeNails Fri 04-Mar-11 10:34:36

Mummyto you have answered all my prayers. I'm going to buy some chamomilla for poor little DD who has 4 coming through at the mo. She gets so worked up she starts hitting herself sometimes.

MaMattoo Tue 05-Apr-11 14:26:12

there is a variant of this called calcarea phos - that we (my sibling and i) have been given as teething babies - it contains calcarea phosphorica, chamomilla, coffea cruda and belladonna. all to soothe and relieve teething issues. Its Homeopathic medicine and should help. I am starting on it today for my 9mo. he has moved from being content, gurgly, well fed to yelling, screaming, howling terror who wont eat, wont sleep, wont smile and will only drool and chew hard things! has sprouted half a tooth in 2 weeks of this behaviour

Tigresswoods Tue 05-Apr-11 15:56:54

IME you get a few weeks of hell then it goes alright for a while and then it comes back. I love your comment about, we thought it was teething before and how wrong you were. Fab!

Anyway, I was sitting on the floor holding DS when he was about 10 months at 10:30 and growled at DH,


He returned 25 minutes later with a party bag of Nurofen, gels, dusts etc.


vukse Sun 01-Oct-17 09:40:34

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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