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Toddler with sore bottom?!

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Cillapops Wed 23-Dec-09 09:07:18

My daughter is 2yrs 9mths and we started potty training about a month ago and have now mastered wees.

However, she started to hold in her poo and complaining of a sore bottom. I have been giving her lactulose and she says it doesn't hurt when she goes. However, there are several occasions every day when she runs around crying that her bottom hurts. She refuses to sit in the bath too. I can see nothing wrong - no redness or anything nasty. I am sure it is to do with her having a poo as afterwards she seems to be fine but she only goes every 2-3 days.

Has anyone else had this with toddlers?

littleboyblue Wed 23-Dec-09 09:09:48

Not had any experience with that, but if it were me, I'd get her checked over by a doctor

MUTTletoe Wed 23-Dec-09 09:10:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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