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toddlers on holiday

(3 Posts)
workingmumnhs Mon 27-Jun-05 21:18:51

hi everyone. just want a bit of advice really. Am going on our first family holiday in ten weeks (Bulgaria - Sunny Beach.)Just wondering how to deal with a two and half year old. What is the best time for her to nap etc. Never been away with a child before. I want her to enjoy herself without getting tired, sunburnt, bored.

Fran1 Mon 27-Jun-05 21:55:12

Hi, i'm doing this in a couple of months with my two year old too!

I think you just need to stick to a similar routine with the naps as to what you do at home.

We don't have a real routine, sometimes dd doesn't nap at all, other days she naps for a couple of hours. I'm assuming on holiday the heat and all the activity will tire her out more so i'm hoping! we can all have a siesta in the room at midday when its the hottest! You can let me know hoe feasible that is when you get back

We took dd away when she was 9mths, and she was crawling, and it was a big shock to the system to discover holidays were no longer about lazing around on sunbeds! It was the first year i'd ever come home without a tan. Being on the beach is far more relaxing that by a pool for obvious reason that there is less danger of child falling in the pool! and you have much more entertainment on the beach with sand and shells etc

We're planning on doing a few more trips out during the day, as i think children will get bored being in the same place all the time.

When we go out for evening meals, we normally take the buggy and let dd sleep in there after the meal. Then its our time to relax and have a drink! So will be planning to do that whilst on hols also.

I will buy a few small toys, one for each hour of the plane journey. ( i mean cheapo poundshop toys which are small enough to pack in handluggage) Because its always the rubbishy stuff that amuses my dd! I did this for our last holiday and those toys amused her for the whole holiday, along with a ball, a blow up dingy and a bucket and spade!

Well i hope you have a wonderful holiday, and you can let me know what works and what doesn't when you get back! We're going in September.

workingmumnhs Tue 28-Jun-05 19:46:06

I am also going in September. The theory was that it wouldn't be so hot then. DD doesn't nap at all.(unless she is with her nan)Also thought that the heat will knock her out. The toys for the plane sounds like a good idea. I was just going to get colouring books and stuff but I suppose 4 hours of colouring is enough for anyone.
Someone in work said the bars abroad are not like over here and I will still be able to take her in after 7pm. Is this right.
Will I really have no tan at all
I knew it would be reduced but NONE AT ALL?
Will do trips out as well. If you are going to a foreign place I like to see their enviroment.

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