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Why is it on mumsnet?

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Howcouldyou Mon 27-Jun-05 20:59:00

That if you wish to feed your children healthy food,
not smoke when you are pg,
look after them and make sure they are safe
I could go on and on..............
you are ridiculed for basically being a responsible parent?
I do hope that the views on mumsnet do not reflect society as a whole, what a scary thought.
I have changed my name as I know that if I said who I was as usual I would be shot down in flames.

HappyHuggy Mon 27-Jun-05 21:00:43

Dont you think there enough of these threads around. Go search the archieves or even the active convos for your answer


KBear Mon 27-Jun-05 21:01:09

I don't think that is the generally held view and not the impression I get from mumsnetters. Some people are a little more forthright in their views than others but take it with a pinch of salt.

starlover Mon 27-Jun-05 21:02:23

i've never seen anyone on here be ridiculed for any of those things.

can you direct me to a thread where this has happened?

Howcouldyou Mon 27-Jun-05 21:02:49

Happyhuggy - who the hell do you think you are? Don't you dare tell me what I can and can't do ffs

HappyHuggy Mon 27-Jun-05 21:04:45

Dont get mad, maybe i was a bit short with you but i meant what i said, there are loads of threads like this around. Im sorry if ive taken my mood out on you though, that wasnt fair.

Mum2girls Mon 27-Jun-05 21:05:12

Blimey - this one's kicked off early.

starlover Mon 27-Jun-05 21:05:14

blimey HCY... happyhuggy wasn't telling you what to do!

calm down a bit!

emily05 Mon 27-Jun-05 21:05:28

Howcouldyou - dont worry, I think that doing the best for your kids and being responsible is great and it is what most parents strive to do.
I think alot of things on this website are said tongue in cheek and dont take it to heart.

lilsmum Mon 27-Jun-05 21:05:30

howcouldyou....i agree with HH, there is too much arguing, obviously you are looking to start a row, and for what is worth, i have seen MN'ers ridiculed for doing the opposite of what you said, not other way around

emily05 Mon 27-Jun-05 21:05:49

lol Mum2girls!

hunkermunker Mon 27-Jun-05 21:06:59

I've seen it both ways.

I've seen first-time mums scorned for wanting the best for their children by weary mums of seven who gave up after four and weaned straight onto chocolate buttons, that kind of thing

Howcouldyou Mon 27-Jun-05 21:07:13

lilsmum - I am not starting a row. I am just really interested why some people on here think it's perfectly acceptable to leave a baby sleeping alone in a house. How is that acceptable, ever?

starlover Mon 27-Jun-05 21:07:42

hcy... what has that got to do with

That if you wish to feed your children healthy food,
not smoke when you are pg,


lilsmum Mon 27-Jun-05 21:07:49

<<hijack>>> hi HM, how u doing?

katierocket Mon 27-Jun-05 21:08:14


hunkermunker Mon 27-Jun-05 21:08:15

That thread has enough argument on it without starting a new one!

TinyGang Mon 27-Jun-05 21:08:17

Now there's an idea Hunker!

meggymoo Mon 27-Jun-05 21:08:51

Message withdrawn

hunkermunker Mon 27-Jun-05 21:09:15

Hi LM - I'm fine, thank you - bit sick, tired, etc, and desperate to see baby on first scan - is on 8th July and is TOO FAR AWAY!

How are you? Have been thinking of you lately xxx

Howcouldyou Mon 27-Jun-05 21:09:29

starlover - don't tell me to calm down. Why is it certain people take delight in "policing" mumsnet as if they own the place? You don't, it's a public forum and I am allowed my say!

TinyGang Mon 27-Jun-05 21:09:40

...meant the choc buttons of course - blimey, tin hats out I think!

hunkermunker Mon 27-Jun-05 21:09:50

Calm down, HCY!


emily05 Mon 27-Jun-05 21:10:02

HCY- She posted about leaving her baby for 5 minutes, everybody gave their opinion and that is that. For everybody who said it was ok - there were the same number who said it wasnt. I think that mumsnet has a broad range of views and often does reflect society - people are just more honest on the internet!

Gobbledigook Mon 27-Jun-05 21:10:10


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