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Questions for mums of slightly older children

(24 Posts)
handlemecarefully Mon 27-Jun-05 10:50:02

I'm thinking of my nearly 3 year old (b'day next month) dd here.

At what age did your child's tantrums resolve?

And at what age did they cease to need a day time nap, and stop making you suffer when they didn't get one?

charliecat Mon 27-Jun-05 10:51:50

my not too temper tantrummy 4yo still has an occasional temper tantrum, 7 year old who had 3-4 tantrums a day as a baby/toddler/young child stopped when she was about 6.

About 3.5 -4 for the nap thing.

handlemecarefully Mon 27-Jun-05 10:52:50

Age 6

Pass the valium! eek!

handlemecarefully Mon 27-Jun-05 10:53:38

When they dropped the nap thing at 3.5 - 4, did they still get tired and unreasonable because of it though?

(sorry bad english)

charliecat Mon 27-Jun-05 10:54:11


Gatecrash<<<<what thread do you think made me ask about the marriage thing?>>>>>>>

LittleStarsweeper Mon 27-Jun-05 10:54:13

My ds naps stopped around 2 years. I dont get any tantrums (wierd eh)! He's just a monster from dawn til dusk .

jjash Mon 27-Jun-05 10:55:02

dd of 2 [3 in sept] hasnt napped since about time she first turned two .And she has just discovered the beauty of a good tantrum Possibly learnt by watching the stunning ones that her 6 year old brother throws!

charliecat Mon 27-Jun-05 10:55:14

yes Sorry if its not what you wanted to hear, and then they try and nap just before dinner time and if you let them they have regained about 4 hours energy and you dont get them back to bed till 9/10 at night

handlemecarefully Mon 27-Jun-05 10:55:25

wierd..or lucky . My mum tells me that I didn't tantrum as a child.

puddle Mon 27-Jun-05 10:55:42

My ds still has the odd 'moment' now at 5. Mostly dealt with by sending him to his room to calm down so we can resolve it.

His worst year for tantrums was 4 (sorry).

LittleStarsweeper Mon 27-Jun-05 10:56:50

Were you a difficult or demanding child though? Cos you know I could deal with the odd tantrum but the constant demand is back breaking!

handlemecarefully Mon 27-Jun-05 10:57:45


I think that's where dd is. She won't sleep around lunch time, but if we happen to be in the car after 15.00 she will fall asleep, and then I'm lumbered with a re-energised child until 21.00...or if I wake her up after falling asleep in the car she has a complete rage

Oddly, she will nap at Nursery at lunch times (where she is 3 days per week)

Marina Mon 27-Jun-05 10:58:17

For about two months we went through a period of not wanting a nap and not sleeping if we had one, but being fairly monstrous between 5pm and 7pm.
We were extremely fortunate in that ds never had a full-on tantrum (combination of personality and being a good talker from a young age) but he became much less whingey and easy to negotiate with at around 3.5.

jjash Mon 27-Jun-05 10:58:28

my ds of 6 has worse tantrums now than as a baby .and he throws out words like ``whatever`` at me too.

handlemecarefully Mon 27-Jun-05 10:58:48


Oh you weren't joking about him being a little monster from dawn til dusk. Must be very wearing - poor you!

soapbox Mon 27-Jun-05 10:59:20

I found that the temper thing completely goes at around 6 but is swiftly followed a year or so later by the flouncing phase!

Ah well

Day time nap went at around 3.5, however after a busy week at school my DS(5) will still catch up with an hour long nap on weekend afternoons, especially if he is in the car for any length of time.

DD(7) never sleeps during the day now.

handlemecarefully Mon 27-Jun-05 11:00:07


the "Am I an old fashioned buddiamama" thread (or words to that effect) that the poor hapless Stitch started off and got a hammering for.

charliecat Mon 27-Jun-05 11:01:05

Oh right! Is that still going???

fishfinger Mon 27-Jun-05 11:01:25

tantrums resolve at 2 imo and nap stopped at 4 for ds1, 3 for ds2 and 2 for ds3

handlemecarefully Mon 27-Jun-05 11:02:37

Hi fish,

Got your email but haven't got around to replying yet since I only checked my inbox very briefly very late last night. So not being rude - honest!

elliott Mon 27-Jun-05 11:05:06

My ds1 aged 3.5 seems to be nearly growing out of his nap - has about 2 a week now - but definitely not at that stage of being able to cope well without it!
He will still fly into a whingey rage when frustrated (esp if tired) but prolonged tantrums are rare. I find that the threat of time out is quite effective in bringing him to his senses now.

handlemecarefully Mon 27-Jun-05 11:22:11

I use time out. But what do you use as a control mechanism in public Elliott ? - for instance 2.11 year old tantrumming on floor of car park where she could get run over, and me on my own also trying to monitor 14 month old....

elliott Mon 27-Jun-05 11:37:19

hmmm - I don't think I've ever been faced with that kind of scenario - I don't think ds1 is particularly persistent with his protests. I suppose in that situation I might just pick him up and take him somewhere safe to calm down (having first made ds2 safe in buggy). Its hard though - I find it fairly frazzling being out with them both (ds2 is 18 months and increasingly adventurous) - not really to do with bad behaviour, just becuase they are both utterly fearless 'wanderers' and its just impossible to supervise them both adequately .

lou33 Mon 27-Jun-05 13:10:06

don't think they ever do, they just turn into teenage strops

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