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telling a 6 year they going to have a sibling

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tabsmum Thu 05-Jun-03 18:12:02

My dd has for the passed two years gone on and on about wanting a sister or brother (sister) I am very pleased to say that her wish will come trun in October - It is now getting to the stage where I cannot conceal the growing tummy anymore - people are asking. I want dd to hear it from us first. Any advice on what to say?

WideWebWitch Thu 05-Jun-03 18:47:41

I said to ds (5.5yo) "We've got some news for you. What have you been asking us for for ages and ages?" to which he answered "Pokemon cards?" I then said 'Ha ha, no, I'm pregnant so you're going to have a brother or sister' and he was thrilled. His secret smile came out, the one he only uses when he's really very pleased indeed and we all had a hug. I told him when I was 6 weeks pregnant since I'm a blabbermouth and I can't keep a secret (one of my own anyway) to save my life so he was going to hear me telling someone if I didn't tell him first. He came to the 12 week scan and has been a sweetie and is very excited about the whole thing. We've had a few friends who've been pregnant and had babies in the last couple of years so he knows what happens. I'm sure your daughter will be equally excited - just tell her! Congratulations!

codswallop Thu 05-Jun-03 18:50:20

when my mUm told my 4 year old to guess what Mummy had a new one of (sorry crap grammar) he replied "a new bey blade?" Must be the same principle WWW

lou33 Thu 05-Jun-03 18:57:43

Tabsmumwhat about showing dd a picture of the scan and telling her this is going to be her new brother/sister?

aloha Thu 05-Jun-03 19:43:48

I would just tell her you have some wonderful news, that she's going to have a new baby brother or sister. I'd play down the 'you can help' bit and play up the "we love you so much we wanted you to have a baby sister or brother and we hope that the new baby is as cute and lovely as you'. It worked with my stepdaughter and her mother's first child with her new partner. I think it's also really important to reassure her that nothing will change for her and you will love her just as much - sometimes even if they want and adore their little siblings they are still a bit nervous of what it will mean to their place in the family and even at the advanced age of six may want a bit of babying to reassure her. And even if she is a tiny bit apprehensive it won't last. My stepdaughter (who doesn't see as much of her dad as she - and we - would like) actually cried when we told her I was having a baby, but really loves my ds now and teaches him disco dancing! Oh, and congratulations!

nobby Thu 05-Jun-03 20:02:37

Yes, congratulations!

I told my ds (nearly 3) as soon as I found out and he was really pleased as all his friends have baby sisters and he wanted one too. (of course, it may be a brother but we'll cross that bridge etc...). I major quite heavily on him being my first child and how much i love him etc. I think he thinks it's a present and calls it 'my' baby ie his. He even says we have to call her angel which i think is a bit spooky (sounds like she's died to me).

Oh, and I'm currently heavily avoiding books which talk about siblings being left out when the baby arrives but eventually learning to love it. Sounds really negative to me.

codswallop Thu 05-Jun-03 20:10:25

if you ar teling a 2 - 4 year old - (anyone else) this link will take you to a funny book

Dahlia Thu 05-Jun-03 20:56:21

My dd was 6 when we told her I was pregnant - I am due in 2 weeks. She has wanted a little brother or sister for several years so was ecstatically happy when we told her - I was only 6 weeks too! Couldn't wait to tell everyone as I was so off my head with joy that it was finally happening for me. DD has enjoyed every minute of the pregnancy, been to a scan and heard the heartbeat a couple of times too - her face when she heard it made me cry! So just go for it and tell her! And many congratulations to you!

Dahlia Thu 05-Jun-03 20:57:45

Ooh, also, forgot to say, I have let her choose the middle name from a handful that me and dh like, so she feels really involved. She has also helped choosing baby equipment etc and has really felt part of it all.

tabsmum Thu 05-Jun-03 21:37:30

Thanks for the good advice. I am getting rather excited about telling her. I know that she will be really pleased. Last year she saw the end of a rainbow in a field and made wish for a sister (we too will cross that bridge etc...)

meanmum Thu 05-Jun-03 21:44:45

Congratulations tabsmum. I'm sure your daughter will be ecstatic no matter how you tell her. I wished for a baby for a few years before I finally got one (when I was young of course) and he still remains my baby brother to this day. Spoilt rotten by all of us and loved to death. He wasn't too keen on the whole dressing up and putting into the dolls pram or the basket on my bicycle though but what's a younger sibling if you can't torture them sometimes. I was 8 when he was born.

Bossanova Fri 06-Jun-03 01:42:43

My dd was 6 when I got pregnant with ds. I think it's a great age gap for the most part. Can't remember how we broke the news to her though! It's lovely to see them together two years on (when they're not fighting!) and ds loves her reading to him. Makes me go all mushy when they do 'big hugs'.

Bossanova Fri 06-Jun-03 01:45:15

And of course I meant to say congratulations Tabsmum. (but then it is very late and I should be in bed!)

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