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Anyone used a car seat in an MX-5?!

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westlondongirl Fri 27-Nov-09 14:18:26

Slightly unusual I know! I have an imported MX-5 with no airbags. Because it's quite old it's not worth very much so I can't afford to sell it and buy a sensible car. My baby is due in February.Most journeys will be done in my partners car but I would like to be able to go on short trips in the MX5. Just wondered if anyone else has done this? Need to check with my insurance but can't see why a rear facing seat would be a problem.

heavenstobetsy Fri 27-Nov-09 14:28:21

I had a much loved old MX5 before I had my DD - the only problem I can see is actually getting a carseat to fit in the passenger seat. From what I recall the seats are a bit 'bucket' like and I think the raised sides might mean infant seats are too wide to fit properly - have you tried any in?

westlondongirl Fri 27-Nov-09 14:38:55

Hi heavenstobetsy Haven't tried any yet. Just rang my insurance company who said it was fine if the DVLA was OK with it. Have e-mailed them and waiting to hear back. If anyone out there has found a seat that would fit please let me know.

NewYearNewBaby Fri 27-Nov-09 15:54:08

The Maxi Cosi website has a car fitting list which has the MX5 listed. Not sure if you were considering getting a Maxi Cosi car seat but this is the link, just in case

westlondongirl Fri 27-Nov-09 16:04:34

thanks NewYearNewBaby, couldn't get the finder to work but have e-mailed Maxi cosi to see which one they recommend. Would feel better about this if I knew someone else had done it too! My insurance person said in 3 1/2 years nobody had ever asked him about carrying a baby in a sports car [irresponsible parent emoticon?]

heavenstobetsy Fri 27-Nov-09 16:26:41

ha ha - an irresponsible parent wouldn't ask!!

I would definitley have taken DD in mine if I'd kept it ...

I suspect that the car is too old (if it was like mine) for the main seat makers to comment - I would suggest that you go to Halfords or Mothercare and work your way through their stock to see what fits! Or do you have babied friends whose seats you could try?

I might be wrong but I think you will struggle with the main brands because of their bulk

** irresponsible parent alert** depending on how much you intend to use the car your only option might be one of the 'flimsier' offerings from somewhere like Kiddicare. if its just for real short trips or emergencies this might be an option but I wouldn't want to use one as an 'everyday' seat

LackingNicknameInspiration Fri 27-Nov-09 17:30:09

Haven't used a car seat in an MX-5 but had no problem putting a Britax cosy tot in a Fiat Barchetta - and the second stage car seat too. It too had only 2 bucket seats. Only slight issue with the next stage car seat was that the car's left hand drive so it used to freak out other drivers seeing a baby in the driver's seat grin.

Like you, it wasn't our main car, so only used occasionally - have to say, I did feel a bit worried initially as it was a bit like driving DD in a roller skate but settled into it fairly quickly. Had to get rid of it in August though as it died - now have an RX-8 which actually has Isofix, so suspect that there should be a car seat out there for the MX-5. I used to live in Essex and the County Council did a car seat fitting service - does your council do anything similar?

westlondongirl Sat 28-Nov-09 09:44:36

Lacking.. that is so funny about people seeing the baby in the drivers seat! Not sure about the council, will have a look.

fledtoscotland Sat 28-Nov-09 21:20:03

Have you tried the Jane Strata car seat? We had problems getting a rear facing infant seat to fit our ancient megane because of the shape of the seats. The Jane Strata was a fantastic fit in both of our cars and its scores excellently in the Which? tests and european safety tests.

westlondongirl Mon 30-Nov-09 11:59:40

Maxi cosi sent a reply to say they dont recommend using car seats in the front passenger seat but if you do use it to get it fitted properly. Nobody out there used one in a two seater car??

Roobi Sun 17-Jul-11 10:50:45

Hi westlondongirl - I was wondering if you found a solution to your carseat problem in the end? I have a 1991 MX5 (no airbags) and am keen to find a suitable seat for my baby when it's born later in the year....really don't want to have to stop using the car!

Saffra Sun 17-Jul-11 11:45:17

I have an MX5 (2008 model) and plan to use a Maxi Cosi Cabriofix car seat and the Easyfix base with it. I rang the dealership where I bought the car from and they confirmed that they can disable the airbags (although you can do it yourself, I would prefer to get it done professionally).

The dealers do sell car seats in their accessories list too (although not the same brand).

My sister's friend had a MX5 which she used for a year before changing, so it can be done. Obviously the size makes it less practical, but as far as I can tell, it's absolutely doable.

cheesebaby Sun 17-Jul-11 11:54:33

No suggestions for a rear facing seat (we had a Jane seat, and it didn't fit well enough) but for front facing when they're a bit older we found an oldish Britax eclipse fit pretty nicely, so might be worth a try. Our's is a 1992 import, now sadly off the road in favour of cars we can all get in!

Mumswang Sun 17-Jul-11 12:06:27

I've got an old eunos. I used a maxi cosi when he was little. Now he's bigger he's in a kiddy infinity thingumy. Both fit fine and we love zooming around with the roof down. When he gets in he says 'clip clip' pointing at the roof grin

I used a sling when he was tiny then bought a 2nd hand quinny Zapp for the boot, which still left enough room for a few bags of shopping

Don't give in! There's no reason to get a boring car because you've had a baby!

Saying that I'm about to have no.2 and I really am going to have to look again at transport sad

MrsJohnDeere Sun 17-Jul-11 12:14:47

When we (briefly) had an MX-5, a couple of years ago, the only seat we could find to fit was a Recaro one. I think it has since been discontinued though because it had a really low Which? safety rating.

MrsJohnDeere Sun 17-Jul-11 12:16:15

Sorry, just read op properly blush, that was a seat for 9 months plus.

Roobi Tue 19-Jul-11 16:54:22

Thanks for all your suggestions! That's really helpful - and given me hope that I needn't give up the car just yet!

Tiggertoo14 Tue 19-Jul-11 19:15:32

I certainly wouldnt give it up! Ive an Astra twin top and had hellish problems getting car seat to fit but found that with an isofix base it helped a bit, so we had a mamas and papas one with the isofix base and they came out and tried it for us. Also when we moved up, the staff in Mothercare helped us with the next one and were very knowledgeable. Good Luck

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