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just snapped - too hot/pregnant/wound-up by ds!!

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MissChief Wed 22-Jun-05 13:28:23

sorry - this is a long moan 4 yr old ds can be a true wind-up merchant and seems particularly skilled when I'm tired, got pregnancy aches etc!
he refused to get dressed/pick up his toys - practically anyhting I told him to do and was therefore banished to his room - he refused to go and in a fury I ended up smacking his bottom and shouting at him lots!
now feeling bad at losing control (and fearing what the neighbours are thinking I'm doing to the poor lad). could do with a break today as really twingey, tired and hot at 8mths pregnant which doesn't help.

WideWebWitch Wed 22-Jun-05 13:32:44

Can you stick him in the garden or kitchen sink with a bowl of water and not many clothes on and some plastic cups and just let him mess about with some water? Also, try counting: 'I bet you can't get to the top of the stairs before I count to 10' or saying things like 'Ooh, I wonder if you can get dressed on your own?' and then acting very surprised and pleased when he does. Also, laying out clothes the night before used to help me (still does!) plus a rule of no tv/breakfast until he was dressed. Really praise him when he does something you've asked, catch him being good and tell him you're pleased. God, 4 can be hard work, good luck. Do whatever it takes to get through today if you're knackered. Video, closed curtains, a treat (even just popcorn) and both lolling on the sofa?

MissChief Wed 22-Jun-05 13:38:48

thx for the tips www- have tried a few but not sufficiently consistent in applying them at the moment, think that's the problem! Lolling sounds good, maybe I'll get him a library dvd later..

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