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kidnap attempt in shop - is it true?

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jenhden Sun 15-Nov-09 21:36:20

in the past two months i have heard three almost identical stories of an attempted kidnap and am wondering if it is an urban myth or if there is a spate that i would have expected to hear on the news by now.

whati've heard is that whilst paying a cashier in a shop a mother turns to realise her young daughter who had been attached by a wrist strap rein has gone, with the strap cut.

The cashier presses a panic button which locks all the doors and the girl is found in the toilets with someone who has cut her hair off and dressed her in boys clothes in order to get her out of the shop unnoticed.

one was a mothercare in hull, one an asda in leeds and the other a supermarket in birmingham.

Has this happened?

EldonAve Sun 15-Nov-09 21:39:31

urban myth

Feenie Sun 15-Nov-09 21:40:42



LowLevelWhingeing Sun 15-Nov-09 21:42:48

I heard this too, but it was an asda in south london! Very glad to hear it's not true.

exexpat Sun 15-Nov-09 21:44:02

Sounds like a variation on an urban myth which has been doing the rounds for ages - setting is shopping mall or theme park, and kidnappers supposedly change child's clothes, dye hair and so on. One variation I've often heard has it that the child is only spotted on the way out because the kidnapper failed to change their socks/shoes. See these versions on Snopes here.

I don't think you need to worry - any more than any parent usually does, that is.

MakemineaGandT Sun 15-Nov-09 21:45:06

I heard this about Balham Sainsburys about 5 years ago! Must be an urban myth....

emaritska Fri 27-Nov-09 17:44:10

This particular myth is now doing the rounds in Surrey/ussex...had 6 messages today about it

Bucharest Fri 27-Nov-09 17:45:31

It's more than an urban myth.
It's clever, vile Daily Mailesque racist bigotry disguised as a caring community.
Note how whatever the story, the perps are always Roma?

thedollshouse Fri 27-Nov-09 17:48:12

Why do people make this sort of stuff up? hmm

I used to get really annoyed with a work colleague who would forward this type of thing to me. If it was true it would make the national news.

EvilTwins Fri 27-Nov-09 17:49:12

I heard that too - in Bradford.

pofacedandproud Fri 27-Nov-09 17:51:47

been doing the rounds for years

mrstimlovejoy Fri 27-Nov-09 17:54:10

this went round where i live,a girl was taken from her parents car as she'd been left in it.again was found in toilets with 2 european ladies who had cut her hair short and dressed her in boys clothes.there was an article in our local paper saying it was a hoax.the thing is where it was supposed to have happened is a few miles away from where the mccanns live

suwoo Fri 27-Nov-09 17:55:36

Its been going around for years and is currently doing the rounds in Manchester. I have heard this week about it happening in two different branches of Asda.

Even bloody 7 year old DD has come home from school and told me about it.

PrincessToadstool Fri 27-Nov-09 17:57:06

Oh my god. That's so ridiculous it's almost funny. Isn't it?

Chaotica Fri 27-Nov-09 17:57:09

How bloody wierd. Although I've never heard the story. Maybe that's because I am Roma and would therefore be doing the stealing. (Oh, that's right, I wondered where those two blond toddlers I have came from... grin)

(Gypsies have been stealing babies for a thousand years - heaven knows why, I can only just cope with my two.)

FiveGoMadonTheDanceFloor Fri 27-Nov-09 17:57:47

It is not an urban myth, a friend of my sisters who works for the Met Police was called to an incident in a supermarket exactly as described.

Buda Fri 27-Nov-09 17:58:25

I heard it about a supermarket near a friend's house and a shop in Ennis in Ireland. All in same week.

pofacedandproud Fri 27-Nov-09 17:58:38

when was that Five as I've heard it going round for at least 5 years...

Chaotica Fri 27-Nov-09 17:59:17

Sorry - fivegomad... but 'a friend of my sister's...' is not a very good way to make us all believe this to be true.

currycrazy Fri 27-Nov-09 17:59:20

i heard this when i lived in spain,how bloody weird......i heard the same story but it was morrocons apparently doing the attempted kidnap

Chaotica Fri 27-Nov-09 18:00:09

We get everywhere, Buda. Have to hire buses to move all the kids around wink

Tee2072 Fri 27-Nov-09 18:00:57

It is an Urban Myth five. Think about it. Public bathroom. People in and out. And the kidnappers are going to have the time to shave the head/dye the hair/change the clothes with no one noticing?

Also, name one shop that actually has a button at each cashier station that locks the store down instantly.

Not to mention, it would be all over the news in 5 minutes. Find me an actual news report.

Right a friend of your sister's. Or, more likely, a friend of your sister's friend.

thelunar66 Fri 27-Nov-09 18:01:03

I first heard this fairy tale about 14 years ago. It was meant to have been Meadowhall Shopping mall in Sheffield.

suwoo Fri 27-Nov-09 18:01:39

It is soo not true, here it is on Snopes the urban myth busting website.

FiveGoMadonTheDanceFloor Fri 27-Nov-09 18:02:37

Well seeing I have met him and know his brother very well can definitely say that he is a friend of my sisters. Whatever you think.

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