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OK, so it doesnt get easier ...

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madmarchhare Sun 19-Jun-05 10:37:03

as they get older. I had this craaazy notion when I first had ds that things would get easier when, he could move around, he could walk, he could feed himself...etc. Oh I feel such a silly cow now!! So as I am just beginning to realise (18 months down the line) that each age/stage comes with its own little nightmare. Please could you wise mums out there enilighten me to the joys I have to behold [sarcastic emotion] at 2,3,4,5 and so on.

mysterygirl Sun 19-Jun-05 10:39:02

just learn to enjoy each stage more! With every year comes a new set of challenges/joy so dont wish your life away - just enjoy!

beetroot Sun 19-Jun-05 10:39:10

Message withdrawn

madmarchhare Sun 19-Jun-05 10:40:59

Oh, dont get me wrong, I do! We have loads of fun, I was just wondering what I will be smiling to myself about all the different stages when he is older, smug parent stylee.

Gobbledigook Sun 19-Jun-05 10:41:06

Oh, I'm so looking forward to what Beety describes! Mine are 4, 2.5 and 9 months - they are all fabulous and all make me smile but it's such hard work and I'm sure that once they are all toilet trained and can all go to a restaurant and sit and eat themselves it will be so much easier.

Please don't tell me I'm wrong!!

beetroot Sun 19-Jun-05 10:42:59

Message withdrawn

madmarchhare Sun 19-Jun-05 10:43:08

Thats just what I mean GG, is it?!

madmarchhare Sun 19-Jun-05 10:45:19

Beetroot, thats what I hoped!, I am really looking forward to the conversations at different ages. Have so much fun with my friends kids, they are hilarious.

trefusis Sun 19-Jun-05 10:56:09

Message withdrawn

edam Sun 19-Jun-05 11:03:06

I'm just ahead of you as ds is nearly 2. And second both points of view - each stage is more gorgeous than the last but also brings HUGE new challenges. Good points of nearly two are: has started singing nursery rhymes (so cute); can say long words (very funny - tried him with antidisestablishmentarianism today and he made a good stab at it); charming; funny; there's loads of new, fun stuff you can do like kicking a ball around, letting him go on climbing frames at the park, jumping to music - oh, I could go on!
Won't say too much about bad points as don't want to depress you but tantrums are something else - an hour long the other night because we ONLY spend about five minutes watching next door's cat before coming in the house.

mandyc66 Sun 19-Jun-05 11:08:20

Enjoy the little a second time arounder I am enjoying it so much. They are so much easier than the biggies!!!!

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