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Should I be worried - DS still not dry at night....will be 5 in Feb.

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nearlychrimbo Wed 11-Nov-09 21:31:55

Anyone else have a 4 and half yr old that is not dry?

The odd morning our ds wakes dry but most mornings its a wet pull up ( I use Huggies Pyjama pants).

We did try in the summer without them but he wet every night and it was very disruptive having to strip and makes beds etc...

He doesnt have a night time drink so I cant really think why he is still not dry.

I know boys take longer but all his friends have been dry at night for ages.

moodlum Wed 11-Nov-09 21:34:16

DOn't worry - DD will be 6 in april and ds 5 in July, and neither of them are dry blush, but some children do take a long time.

MelonCauli Wed 11-Nov-09 21:36:06

Leave it for now. My ds took until he was 7 but then did it overnight. There are still boys in his class who are not dry. It is not unusual.

notnowbernard Wed 11-Nov-09 21:37:45

No, you don't need to worry

DD1 is nearly 6 and has only been dry at night for the last 6m or so

It's hormonal (the ability to stay dry at night) not psychological. It's not something they have control over

PandaG Wed 11-Nov-09 21:39:09

no don't worry. DD wasn't dry until 5.

She is at Beavers (6-8 yos) and the leader before every sleepovre asks parents to have a discreet word if their child may have an accident at night, as it is still common at this age.

Crocky Wed 11-Nov-09 21:39:48

My ds is still not dry at 9.

If he is still not dry at 7 you can get a referal to an Enuresis clinic.

nearlychrimbo Wed 11-Nov-09 21:40:03

Phew sounds quite normal then. Just that he had brilliant control during the day...was out of nappies at 2 and took around a week to crack it.

Sidge Wed 11-Nov-09 21:43:34

It's normal to still wet at night at 4-5.

I posted on this thread a few months ago, have a look through and see if any of the advice is helpful!

LackaDAISYcal Wed 11-Nov-09 21:50:40

My Ds is nearly 7.5 and still not dry at night (he did have a brief spell of being intermittently dry when he was four, but then he started school and it all went pear shaped after that).

We have seen the GP and told not to worry as it's very common still at his age and that it'll come. We are thinking of pushing for a referral though as he will be distraught if he is still like this when he is eight as he seems to have it a magic number by which time he will be dry.

We also stopped waking him up as it was very disruptive to his sleep patterns and if he was wet in the morning even inspite of this he used to get really upset. so now we leave him be and he wears huggies dri-nites. Not everyone thinks they are a good idea, but if it saves him from being distressed, then I'm all for them.

nearlychrimbo Wed 11-Nov-09 22:18:26

I use the drynites ds also gets a bit sore on his bits and I think this may be down to the drynites

SolidGoldBangers Thu 12-Nov-09 01:22:35

My DS is 5 and not reliably dry at night - we can have a week or two of no problems and then 3 wet nights in a row. AFAIK it's not regarded by the medical profession as an actual problem until the DC is 7. I have an old plastic tarp wrapped round DS mattress with towels on top and then the sheet on top of that and if we are staying at someone else's house I take a pack of those Pampers bedmats.

ihearttc Thu 12-Nov-09 11:41:31

My DS will be 5 in february as well and is also still not dry at night. We have 2 or 3 nights week when he is dry but most nights he is wet.

We tried over the summer with no pull ups at all cause I had a bee in my bonnet about getting him dry before school but it was an absolute nightmare. He was wetting more often than he was dry and was getting so upset about it and then taking ages to get back to sleep so in the morning he was completely exhausted (as were we!) so we have up.
He doesn't have drink either before bed but we did a bit of an experiment for a week in the summer when he drank loads more than he normally does during the day and he was dry for 5 nights out of the 7. I read somewhere (probably on here!) that its to do with stretching the bladder and getting it to hold more and more. Obviously now he is at school I have no control over what he drinks so is back to being wet at night.

My friends have always lifted their son before they go to bed but apart from the fact that I can't physically lift him anymore when he is asleep as he is such a dead weight Im not sure that would help.

Not much help I know but just wanted to let you know your ds is definitely not the only one.

nearlychrimbo Thu 12-Nov-09 14:05:58

iheart - youre situ is the same as ours. We tried inthe summer also and experienced the same - taking ages to go back to sleep, upset and I knocked it on the head - far to tiring and distressing for all.

I suppose its not a problem and they will get there in the end

deaddei Thu 12-Nov-09 14:21:08

Agree with iheartttc...ds went to the clinic at 8 as he was still wet at night. She explained how bladder was a muscle and needed exercise- told him to drink lots during the day and do a double wee at bedtime- go once, then try again half an hour later. It worked. If he pees the bed now, it's because he hasn't drunk enough during the day.

fadingfast Thu 12-Nov-09 20:35:06

Just to second everyone on here, DS was 5 last month and he has improved a lot in the last couple of months. He is dry most nights but we do take him for a wee when we go to bed. I'm thinking of stopping it soon though.

I had heard about the importance of drinking during the day and always used to be on at him to drink more, as he hardly ever seemed to drink very much. Now he is at school, I think he goes virtually the whole day with very little to drink, but he still seems to be better at night. So perhaps it is just a case of getting to the right age.

When we had a period of him being wet every night (and he didn't want to wear pyjama pants), we started using pampers pads on top of the bed sheet, held in place with a cot sheet across the bed. That way, if he wet the bed early morning we could (hopefully) just whip off the pad/cot sheet and underneath was usually nice and dry (I kept a plastic sheet on the mattress). Just made life a bit easier.

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