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DS's moods when playing the ds and wii are getting me down

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millymo Wed 11-Nov-09 19:32:50

Its really getting to me but when ds is playing a game on either his ds or wii and he keeps losing or can,t complete a task he goes into the most appalling temper.
Its really bad with him crying, stampong his feet, shouting, and throwing things around.
Whenever he kicks off I can,t bear it lately.
He is 9 December no signs of him getting any bbetter in fact he has got much worse in the last few weeks.
He also goes into some awful moods with his dad when he plays with him on these games.
How should I handle these moods do you think I should turn the wii off, or take the ds off him even though I know this will infuriate him all the more and he will kick off all the more.

JANEITEisntErudite Wed 11-Nov-09 19:35:01

Take them off him. Leave him to kick off. Remove further priveleges should he continue to kick off. He'll get over it!

I am saying this on the assumption that this is about brattish behaviour, exacerbated by the games, rather than about SN. If SN, different approaches may be needed.

FritesMenthe Wed 11-Nov-09 19:40:57

Switch it off/remove it. My DC get like this and if I hear any nonsense I go straight in and switch the Wii off.
Also their time on it is limited. There's a page on the Wii somewhere which says how long it's been on, which stops any arguments.

WhatDidISayRoy Wed 11-Nov-09 19:42:29

yup as soon as i hear the rantings and mutterings when mine are playing xbox, wii, pS or whatever I barge in and switch it off.

moid Wed 11-Nov-09 19:44:14

Been there - my 8 year old DS is an addict to any computer screen. He is a nightmare and will happily spend hours on the Wii.

What has worked for us is setting out a timetable;

ie: 1 hour after school on Mon, Tues, Wed, Frid after school no games on Thurs and Sunday, 2 hours on Saturday morning.

I am not saying that we stick to it religiously but at least it gives us both something that we can work to and gives him a feeling of control.

Also at the same time we have tried to do more/different things with him and stamped down on rudeness/violence (one strike at 8 minutes upstairs to calm down)

The combination has made our house a happier place and less fighting between the boys.

Good luck - some kids just find it difficult to deal with screens. Our youngest can take it or leave it and even turns it off when he gets bored

TheArmadillo Wed 11-Nov-09 19:45:38

we have a rule with ds that says computer games are supposed to be fun. If you are frustrated/angry then it gets switched off/taken away as you are clearly not having fun.

Also bad behaviour when asked to turn it off means removal of said item for the rest of the day/next day.

We don't time limit games but these rules are very strictly applied and ds is now quite happy (mostly) to have them turned off.

He is 5yo though.

dittany Wed 11-Nov-09 19:52:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

weblette Wed 11-Nov-09 19:53:34

Have seen exactly the same in ds1 who's 8 and his DS. We remove it until he's calmed down and then hope he forgets about it for a while....

We do have a Wii but haven't re-installed it after a house move as it would probably provoke the same reaction.

AnyFucker Wed 11-Nov-09 20:06:36

my 9yo ds can get like this

he is a very "intense" type anyway

when it happens, we take it off him

and keep it off until he can demonstrate that he can control himself

that is very often the next day

he screams/cries/tells us we are the most horrible parents

like water off a ducks back smile

millymo Wed 11-Nov-09 20:32:36

Thanks for the advice I will have to brave the tantrums when I remove either his wii or ds.
He plays games like mario kart, winter olympic games, etc.

StarPlayer Wed 11-Nov-09 20:40:08

My ds shouts at the referee on his ps2grin When he gets like this or just plain stroppy we turn the ps2 off! It gets on my nerves as well.

sparkle09 Wed 11-Nov-09 21:14:22

my 5yo DS can be the same, (mainly when we tell him its time to come off though.)

we turn the console off and he cant go on it the next day either, he will then be sent to his room to calm down,

the tantrums are becoming less now but its worse if DP gets involved or DP will join in just as ive said to turn it off! angry nightmare.

i think i may have to start sending DP to his room too! grin

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