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How do you actually WASH your DCs in the bath?

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Daffodilly Tue 10-Nov-09 21:29:59

I was bathing DD (3) and DS (9 mths) this evening and it just occured to me that we have ONE sponge that gets used for face, hair, bum, face again, etc....

But then since it is all the same water I am not sure it makes that much difference anyway.

Just wondering what everyone else does?

giddykipper Tue 10-Nov-09 21:31:06

Lather soap in my hands and rub him all over.

iheartdusty Tue 10-Nov-09 21:31:24

same as you, or use soapy hands for bums.

they drink the water anyway, can't be too precious about a washcloth IMO!

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