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How to parent effectively when ill?

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LissyGlitter Tue 10-Nov-09 13:54:22

I need suggestions - I have awful SPD meaning I can barely walk. I also have a 2.8yo DD. She is spending most of her time at the ILs house because I just can't look after her in this state. I tried to dress her for bed last night sat on my knee and she wriggled and moved my leg and I was in agony.

What can I do with her so she doesn't feel that I'm somehow not her mum anymore? I know kids adapt, but I am extra worried because of the new baby coming soon, I only have a week till the section, but then will have time in hospital plus more time to recover from the section, on top of her having to cope with a new baby being around.

The ILs come round before DP goes to work and get her up and dressed, give her and me our breakfasts (it takes me ages to get moving and dressed in the morning as I am so stiff) and then they take her with them so they can get on with their days - they are retired, but obviously still have lives so I can't expect them to hang around my house all day at my beck and call. They pop in throughout the day to help me with my lunch, pick up things I have dropped, etc, so they are doing much more than I could really expect.

At tea time, they come and collect me in the car (they live four doors away but it would take me about half an hour to walk and cause me pain) so I can go to theirs for tea. I talk to DD and look at the pictures she has made etc, then DP gets home from work and we all go home just in time for DDs bedtime, which DP deals with.

I really miss her, I feel like I am pushing her out because of the baby. What can I do with her that doesn't involve moving or inconveniencing everyone else?

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