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Logistics of having two...

(3 Posts)
Eliza70 Mon 09-Nov-09 10:56:28

I am expecting DC2 in January and am stressing about some of the logistics of thi: DC1 is still sleeping in our bedroom I know we have to get him moved to his own room (he is 20mths) before the new baby comes, but it is on another floor of the house. The two main things I am worrying about (they are very silly but hey!) are (1) what will i do with DC1 while I am getting showered and dressed? At the moment I put him in his cot and I can see him from the shower in our en-suite, but if he is on a different floor I don't know how to make sure he is ok.
And secondly, what do I do with DC2 when I am dropping DC1 to daycare; you have to park on the road outside and it just seems like it is going to be a huge faff getting him out of the car, making sure he is safe, getting the baby out of the car (holding them or in their seat??) and getting into the daycare. If anyone has any practical suggestions on how to manage either of these (very trivial I know!) I would be very grateful!!

MrsBadger Mon 09-Nov-09 11:10:44

1. Cbeebies

2. either get a carseat with a base that stays in the car so you can lift the seat out complete with dc2 and click it back in afterwards, if poss with a lgthweigth psuchair chassis to click it on.
or get an easy puch sling you can pop baby in.
Leave toddler strapped in car, get baby safely out and secured into pram/sling, then deal with toddler once you have two free hands.

waltonsmountain Mon 09-Nov-09 11:22:40

We found that DC1 was very good at entertaining herself for short periods of time, once you have started her off. eg. jigsaw to finish, scribbling. Keep a box of toys he hasn't seen recently and get them out for crucial times. Worked a treat for us, (22 month gap). Can you hear him from the other floor? If so, I would think that as long as his room is hazard-proof he should be ok pottering around in there alone for 5-10 mins. Or keep him in your room within eye-sight for ultra safety.

Re: daycare. Sling, sling sling! For our nursery we had to park on busy narrow road with lorries and buses thundering past, millimetres away. It was quite scary at times getting the kids out of the car but I put the baby in the sling and then release the toddler with hands free to hold onto them. On collection, it is reversed, so put the bigger one in first and then de-sling the baby. Also, partner did alot of the dropping off and this helped, but it is do-able anyway!

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