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Cheer me up with your "Aldridge Prior" stories

(2 Posts)
BalloonSlayer Sat 07-Nov-09 21:41:36

and advice on how to cope PLEASE.

(Aldridge Prior was a character in Viz - "Aldridge Prior, the Hopeless Liar")

DD is nearly 8 and is entering a "telling lies"" phase. Like her brother (9) she is utterly crap at it.

You know when sometimes you would be prepared to believe the lie for the sake of a quite life, but it is so obviously knackers that you can't for fear of compromising your intelligence.

DS1, when asked, "have you just eaten a bar of chocolate and stuffed the wrapper down the seat of the sofa?"

[Wide-eyed innocence] "No!"

Me: [smells his breath, 100% chocolate, it's 7am BTW] "Yes you have! If you're going to lie at least don't be too lazy to walk to the bin!!"

Yesterday the following exchange occured:

Me: DD you have Brownie parade on Sunday. Look at your Brownie stuff all screwed up in the drawer. You can't wear it like that. Why can't you fold it?
DD: I didn't put it in the drawer. I put it in the wardrobe!
Me: Well OK, who took it out of the wardrobe and screwed it up in a drawer? It wasn't me. Was it a ghost?
DD: I put it in the washing basket because it was dirty. I didn't put it in the drawer!
Me: DD, OK maybe you thought you put it in the washing basket but you put it in the drawer by mistake.
DD: Noooo, I put it in the washing basket!!! [Tears, screams etc]

I mean, WTF do you do?

kreecherlivesupstairs Sun 08-Nov-09 14:09:36

Too many to mention. My lovely girl is not only a skinny little fibber, she is also inadvertantly finbar saunders with his double entendres.

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