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So this is teething.... holy crap (and I mean that literally)

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boundarybabe Sat 07-Nov-09 17:55:13

I have changed 10, yes TEN disgusting nappies today. And I'm having my first encounter with nappy rash sad. Bottom two teeth were no problem but whichever one is coming next is certainly making its presence felt. I am praying that the bloody thing is through tomorrow and my little chap will cheer up a bit. Please send me good teeth vibes!

DippyDino Sat 07-Nov-09 21:53:21

Good teeth vibes coming your way!
Teething was awful with my dd.
It was one of those 'why did nobody warn me this was going to happen' things.

I think she was more poorly with teething than she ever has been when actually poorly, if that makes sense. Oh apart from maybe the joy of reacting to her MMR.

They should take ill babies / toddlers around high schools to put all the teens off shagging, I reckon.

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