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What's YOUR dd's social life like?

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empirestrikesback Fri 06-Nov-09 17:20:44

Do your kids have a good social life? Dd, 12, often tells me things her friends from school are doing, and they seem to always be out at parties and sleepovers, but dd isn't invited. Sometimes we bump into groups of her friends when we're out at the shops or wherever. They all seem to have a great social life that doesn't involve her! she doesn't SEEM bothered but I'm beginning to wonder whether she IS bothered. I don't want to ask if she's not! I suggest she invites friends round to ours but she tends to shrug it off , say she doesn't want to, or she knows they're busy somewhere else. She has one friend who used to ask her round a lot, go to cinema with etc but sadly this girl has moved away.

cory Fri 06-Nov-09 18:34:04

Dd's life (13 on Monday) is pretty shit at the moment: she has chronic health issues and only wants to sleep. I know she feels really low about her lack of a social life, but she's just not strong enough atm.

On a less depressing note, I had very little social life at that age, and went on to have a whale of a time at uni and working abroad as a volunteer in the summers. I just didn't have a lot in common with my peer group at school.

katnkittens Sat 07-Nov-09 00:45:01

My DS is 13 (yr9) and very rarely goes anywhere socially. In the holidays occasionally his friend will come over and they'll play for a bit but that's it. He seems happy enough and has friends at school so I don't worry too much.

My dd is 11 (yr7) and her social life is manic but that is mainly organised activities such as dancing/drama group activities. She has only been to a couple of sleepovers and doesn't really have time to go round to friend's houses and 'hang around'.

I'm sure your dd is perfectly happy. I used to have my friends over ALL the time when I was that age and I hated it usually, I would have much preferred to spend time alone but they used to come over and annoy me

Then again, I like my own space... I think DS is a lot like me!

nooka Sat 07-Nov-09 04:21:04

My dd's social life is much more active than mine has ever been! She seems to have friends around every day or is visiting them. But she is very extrovert, and has no problem going off on her bike and just seeing who is in and whether they are free. She is 9. Ds (10) on the other hand has virtually no social life, partly because he is happier with his own company (and the Wii/XBox) and partly because he really isn't very socially confident, and doesn't put in the work that dd does. I think it bothers him but only when he sees dd having so much fun

bruffin Sat 07-Nov-09 17:27:07

My DS 14 yr9 doesn't have much of a social life through his own choice,he is a bit of a homebody.
DD 12 yr7 had a manic one when she was in primary and has quietened down little since she started secondary in sept, mainly because we live 6 miles from new school and new friends, she still sees primary friends but not as much.

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