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DS (9) is going away for two nights ... please come and hold my hand and tell me it will be OK...

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cornflakemum Fri 06-Nov-09 14:38:14

I know. I'm a hopeless case.

But DS1 (age 9) is going off to a cub weekend away in a few hours, and I am getting all anxious about it - thinking of all the terrible things that could happen...

He's been on sleepovers with good friends before, but never away on a residential-type thing, in a dorm with lots of people he doesn't know that well.

He's a bit of a geek, and doesn't find it that easy to make conversation. He's also a bit unco-ordinated, and won't find some of the 'adventure' activities easy, I reckon.
I'm really worried he'll get made fun of...

Please tell me I am being ridiculous sad

bigTillyMint Fri 06-Nov-09 14:42:59

He'll love it!

The staff taking him will be well experienced at this sort of thing and will look after him. It will help him to become more independent and look after his own stuff, etc. They'll have loads to talk about - all the adventures they are having there.

Often you find that the most unlikely children are the stars on a residential trip.

cornflakemum Fri 06-Nov-09 17:42:01

Yikes - only an hour to go.... and I've just found myself telling him to MAKE SURE he is securely fastened before his does his abseiling....

Gawd .... what am I going to be like when he leaves home permanently?!

Please tell me all you cubs have come home safely from these things, and not in an ambulance or plaster!

Inghouls2 Fri 06-Nov-09 17:46:13

he'll be fine cornflake smile honestly...
my ds1 is just 10 and he's just been away on the yr 5 outward bound residential.
Every child had a fantastic time on zip lines, abseiling, drinking hot choc with their mates at 10pm...
If he's a bit awkward socially it'll be a great chance for him to be in with the crowd. The leaders are usually very good at making sure everyone is included.

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