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Odd poos after nursery.... sorry if TMI!

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boundarybabe Fri 06-Nov-09 13:33:07

Ds started nursery this week, just two days a week and has settled in beautifully. What I have noticed though is both times the day after nursery he has had funny poos. I don't think it's what he's eating - I make his lunch/tea and they have only given him formula and bananas/rusks etc. for snacks. He usually has a morning poop after his bottle (v. regular!) and occasionally one in the afternoon. But the day after his first day at nursery he had about 3 and they were runnier than usual. He was at nursery again yseterday and today he had his normal morning poop but then we had a poocastrophe in town at lunchtime.

Anyone else had this? Is it likely to be just a result of his routine being a bit different?

cloudedyellow Sat 07-Nov-09 18:26:47

Even though he appears to have settled in well, it is a big change for him being away from you. I imagine the extra poos are a sign of some stress.

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