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Tell me about growth spurts..

(2 Posts)
Arsed Thu 05-Nov-09 18:29:22

I don't know if my DS is teething, having a spurt or poorly

He's 10 months but was 3 months early.. is only little ( 15lb) so a spurt would be welcome but he's so out of sorts i dunno.

All he wants to do is sleep(which is very unlike him) and he's eating like a horse but is very grumpy with it.. clingy and whingey and acting as if everything is to much effort.

Is that normal ?

He's my 2nd Dc so i should know but DD was the most laid back lazy baby and slept 20 hours a day until she was 2 so i cant compare.

lindsaygii Thu 05-Nov-09 20:57:37

Mine just went through a step change at four months. He was sleeping a lot (but badly, lots and lots of waking) and feeding a lot. He was also a bit whiny and could be quite irritating.
He seems to have changed a lot as a result - nearly sitting, rolling over, very chatty, laughing, being much more of a person and much less of a blob.

So I reckon all that strange behaviour was his little brain firing on all cylinders, going through a big change.

Nightmare while it's going on, isn't it?

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