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Any tips for dressing babies who hate it

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dorisbonkers Thu 05-Nov-09 15:57:36

I think this may be one of these things we just have to ride out until she's older, but I'd thought I'd ask anyway.

She's a year old and just HATES being dressed. Hates having a nappy change (have moved to pull ups) and distraction, toys and saying her favourite things or pulling faces doesn't really help. She screams, cries, twists, kicks and just now pulled my hair!

She is beginning to understand things a lot more and speaks a good few words, but obviously the concept of having to dress and why is a little beyond her.

Any ideas?

FernieB Thu 05-Nov-09 19:33:01

Could you let her choose her clothes? I know she's young but she could pick colours and maybe pick a few things herself. Even if this results in some strange combinations, it doesn't really matter. I let mine pick out their clothes very early and they went out looking a bit of a state sometimes, but really who cares? They can only get away with strange colour combinations at that age.

Make it into a race? Can we get dressed before this TV programme finishes/kettle boils?

Dress her and her doll/teddy at the same time?

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