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Is your parenting approach, Dogmatic or Pragmatic?

(8 Posts)
ElenorRigby Wed 04-Nov-09 19:25:01

Do you follow Spock, Gina Ford, attachment parenting, unconditional parenting, pinkfluff by the numbers parenting
or whatever
Or do you parent intuitively, with consideration for all involved.

AlaskaNebraska Wed 04-Nov-09 20:01:43

ooh i dont have RULES

AlaskaNebraska Wed 04-Nov-09 20:02:04

i mean rules for me

WheeeFreshSparkleBang Wed 04-Nov-09 20:02:18

Bit of both - mainly intuitively, but I read whichever book takes my fancy and take bits from it that seem to make sense.

Have never had the staying power to follow something to the letter grin

megcleary Wed 04-Nov-09 20:02:58

I haven't a clue only heard there were theories via MN! I can safely say I am winging it!

TheBolter Wed 04-Nov-09 20:04:22


PestoPyrotechnicsMonster Wed 04-Nov-09 20:07:17

<<munches Bolter's biscuit>>

yum grin

TheBolter Wed 04-Nov-09 20:14:24

Steady love hmm grin

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