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Not sure if ds has many friends at school or not

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millymo Tue 03-Nov-09 22:09:30

I don,t know whether alot of this is in my head or what and as to whether I am analysing things far too much.
Ever since my ds started a new junior school September 08 I have been unsure as to whether I did the right thing moving him.
I had no doubt in my mind that he had mates at his old infant school he was always very popular.
Things do not seem the same at this junior school and although ds has one good freind who regularly comes to our house after school this seems to be the only real close friend he has.
I have invited other boys out of his class but its never amounted to a regular thing and these boys have never shown any interest in wanting to come again and the playdates have never been recripocated.
These other playdates have only happened because of me encouraging ds into telling me if there is anyone at all who he likes that he wants to invite.
At the same time ds is not always that forthcoming with anyone that he likes enough.
He just doesn,t seem to share the same connection that he had with his old infant school mates.
I can,t help but think that if he did have some good friends at this school then playdates would be recripocated and ds would maybe get the od invite to someones house.
Dswas in a bit of a funny mood tonight saying that he hates everyone and his only friend now is the one lad I mentioned that comes regularly.
H e actually said that sometimes people don,t let him play but he only mentioned a couple of names so not sure if its more widespread or not.
Please help I am in such a fix not knowing what to think.
I just wish I could settle with the decision I made to move him.
Please what do you think.

Lizzylou Wed 04-Nov-09 10:51:47

How old is he?
Perhaps they grow out of the playdate stage (sorry, my eldest is 5)?
DS1 often says that he didn't play with anyone but I have spoken to his teacher and she said that he is always "in amongst it" with the other boys.

Rochel4 Wed 04-Nov-09 11:46:04

I have the same thing. My son says he walks around the playground by himself, yet his teacher always tells me hes in the 'thick of it'. I always worry about it as playdates are never reciprocated, but tbh I don't think its everyones thing. Some mothers are too busy or don't like the idea of playdates. The only thing I can think of is to talk with your son about friendships, how important they are, role play about making friends etc.. He will eventually find his niche, it just takes longer for some. We moved here from another country 1.5 years ago and he's still settling in!

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