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another thread following on from one about age gaps between children...

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fledtoscotland Mon 02-Nov-09 22:55:54

Long story but have 2 boys - DS1 is 25months old and DS2 14months. I had surgery during my 1st pregnancy to removed a large cyst and my ovary and was supposed to be infertile although 7 BFP later, I think they made a mistake.

Anyway, my baby boy is now a toddler and DH and I have started talking about #3

I am nearly 35 and he is 45 so time isnt on our side so we want to have #3 sooner rather than later. HOwever he is at uni at the moment so our income is greatly reduced and I although I get a good wage for my part time hours, its barely enough to support the 4 or us let alone another one. Mat Leave isnt really an issue as I get 8 wks full pay and 18wks 90% pay.

so come on, tell me am I mad to be ruled by my hormones? should I accept that I have two wonderful boys who I adore or should I test my sanity & savings and go for number 3 after xmas?

TIA - I just feel by putting it down in writing its making it clearer and i think that we will try for #3

truthisinthewine Mon 02-Nov-09 22:58:19

Think you may have answered your own question there!

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