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2 year old keeps waking at night

(6 Posts)
naptime Mon 02-Nov-09 12:38:23

My 2yr old DS wakes most nights at about 3 or 4am, and it takes 1/2 a bottle of milk to settle him back down. I was wondering if othe mums experience anything like this? He will then sleep until about 6.30am. Perhaps this is normal and I shouldn't complain, but I am pregnant with number 2 and would rather he slept through We have tried controlled crying but he just cries for hours until the clock ticks round and its 6am and starting to get light and is time to get up! Any ideas gratefully recieved! thanks

preggersplayspop Mon 02-Nov-09 12:47:37

I think its pretty common. My DS has only just started sleeping through consistently at 2.5, and even then we co-sleep so when he does stir (which he does fairly frequently) I am right by him to stroke him and cuddle back to sleep - I still count this as sleeping through as its so much better than it used to be! I have no doubt though that if he was in his own bed he would wake for longer.

I say do what works for you. If a bit of milk settles hime back down quickly then I would keep on with that.

naptime Mon 02-Nov-09 13:30:21

Thanks for that... I guess it is pretty normal. We have always given in to giving him a bottle to settle him as it works - and we want our sleep!

preggersplayspop Mon 02-Nov-09 16:00:32

I am pg with No 2 also, so definitely sympathise, you really need your sleep so I'm definitely of the 'whatever it takes..' school of thought!

amandaeveille Wed 04-Nov-09 07:59:33

i just had baby No2 and my 32month old still wakes 3 times a night. i give him a bottle and he goes right back to sleep. i agree with giving him a bottle to settle him.grin

Feelingsensitive Wed 04-Nov-09 23:05:20

My DS kept doing this to and it only stopped when we stopped the milk. All I did was reduce it to 100mls and then over a weke gradually dilute until it was all water. I now only give water overnight and apart from not settling when he first goes to bed he sleeps through. If you are happy to carry on with the milk then fine but you are going to be getting up to your little one soon. My DS was the same with the controlled crying. He has an iron will. He would cry for hours if I left him. I found the diluting the milk the kindest way and pretty hassle free. If its any comfort my DD didnt sleep through consistently until she was 2.5. Lots of DCs don't but I do think giving milk gives them a reason to wake up and forms the habit.

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