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7 yo ds doesn't like football.

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Rochel4 Mon 02-Nov-09 00:57:18

my 7 yo ds finds it really difficult socially in school because he doesn't like to play football, which is all the other boys seem to play. I don't know whether to make him join in the games (even though i know he hates it), or just let it be and hope that he will eventually join in. I think he's just scared of not being as good as the other boys in it so doesn't want to play at all. How can i help him socially?

LovelyDear Mon 02-Nov-09 01:03:45

don't make him play. it won't be convincing to the other boys and they'll see through it. he will gradually find other boys who are interested in his sort of thing over the next couple of years i reckon. that's been my experience anyway, of a number of boys in ds's class. What about looking for cubs in the area?

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