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Mother and baby cinema

(8 Posts)
blinder Sun 01-Nov-09 16:55:38

I'm thinking of trying the mother and baby screening of 'Is This It' at my local Odeon on Wednesday. DD is 7 weeks old. The screening is slightly quieter, lights are up a bit and you are only allowed in with a small baby so you can breastfeed in peace, wander about and generally make a nuisance of yourself.

For those who have tried it, is baby cinema a wonderful, social, relaxing experience or sheer unadulterated hell?

MrsBadger Sun 01-Nov-09 17:00:36

def give it a go

how it goes all depends on your baby, and all the otehrs!

dd and I went to see the Golden Compass and Sweeney Todd and had a fab time, no screamers and lots of feeding and sleeping

remember it is only full of mums and babies so no-one will tut or sigh, and it is usually cheap-ish so you can always leg it and go hom eif it's awful

blinder Sun 01-Nov-09 17:07:13

shock at Sweeney Todd with baby MrsBadger grin!

Jonny Depp... mmm

MinnieMummy Sun 01-Nov-09 17:08:02

It's good - but I wouldn't expect to be able to hear all the dialogue!

I used to go regularly with DS, tho when I went more recently with DD to see the latest James Bond I had no idea what was going on. Apparently though neither did lots of people who saw it at normal screenings grin

cupcake75 Sun 01-Nov-09 17:09:30

Go. Its probably the only way you'll get to see a movie for a while. I've been to a few with my 5 month old and have seen most of the movies. Subtitled ones are good if the babies are noisy. If possible bring a blanket and get an aisle seat so you can put your baby on the ground if they're a squirmer.

essenceofSES Sun 01-Nov-09 17:17:58

I've been twice with DS. Saw The Time Traveller's Wife when he was about 3 months and Up when he was about 5 months.
I was worried about him being disruptive but everyone's in the same boat and it really doesn't matter. When we saw Up, he was transfixed for the first half hour and let out a really loud chuckle at one point, so much so that the rest of the people in the cinema laughed at him! grin

Go and enjoy!

CokeFan Sun 01-Nov-09 17:31:36

We went to loads of these at our nearest Vue (although they don't advertise them they were on a Thursday afternoon and you had to ring up after 5pm on a Tuesday to find out the film and time). Sometimes they got a (rickety) changing table out and nappy bags. There was also an electric bottle warmer (with no water in it and a cord far too short to reach the socket) but the though was there.

I found it really relaxing while DD was fairly young - also, as long as it's not school holidays, I found we could go early on any day and we usually had the place to ourselves. DD likes to watch the films but always falls asleep at some point during them. She made it most of the way through Up the other day.

blinder Sun 01-Nov-09 18:26:46

Oh I wish I had caught Up. Dammit.

That's interesting about Vue Cokefan - I have one of those very close to me. I might give them a ring...

Thanks for the encouragement ladies - sounds unanimously good!

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