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Dolls house for 3 year old - plain wood or painted??

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BiscuitStuffer Fri 30-Oct-09 22:30:40

I personally would love to get her a plain wooden dolls house as all the stuff that goes inside it will be coloured and I'm just not a fan of looking at big blocks of bubllegum pink / lilac. BUT what would DD prefer or would she even care? It's for her birthday and don't really want to ask her as it would ruin the surprise.

Merrylegs Fri 30-Oct-09 22:43:36

Hmm. I know what you mean about the plain wooden ones They are much classier. But suspect she may be wowed by a nice paint job - this john lewis one is pretty

They also do a more upmarket house for about £70.

I must say it was the happiest day of DD's life when we took a trip to Homebase for wallpaper samples and carpet off- cuts and came home and pimped up her classic plain wooden dolls house.

We painted the outside with pink and purple, drew pretty roses round the door, ditched the wooden dolls and filled it with Sylvanians.

She plays with it a lot more now!

Frizbe Fri 30-Oct-09 22:46:16

Argos do a plain wood one, with pink roof for £35, dd2 has one and loves it smile

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