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Please you anyone give me some ideas for a halloween party

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mummyloveslucy Thu 29-Oct-09 15:53:55

Hi, I'm outing on a small halloween party for my 4.5 year old daughter, and her cousens aged 10, 11 and 15.
I doubt the 15 year old will be that interested. He'll be comming just to please my daughter. grin Their parents will also be there.
I thought about some pumpkin soup, pasta and some other party food. I'd like to do a couple of games but not sure what.
I'm not sure what music to play either. I have halloween balloons and we're making a calved pumpkin.
My daughter dosn't like anything scary, so it can't involve spiders, bats etc.
She's o.k with a witches dress.
I'd be really greatful for any ideas. smile

mummyloveslucy Thu 29-Oct-09 16:13:00

I've just noticed what a cock up I've made of the title. blush
I worked a night shift last night, so I'm obviously still half asleep.

mummyloveslucy Thu 29-Oct-09 16:26:09


LadyGlencoraPalliser Thu 29-Oct-09 16:32:09

Bobbing for apples is always popular.
The flour game. Get a cake tin, and fill it with flour, pressed down REALLY hard. Hide a sweet in the flour. Now turn the "cake" out onto a plate. Each person has to cut a slice and remove it without making the cake collapse. The person who makes the cake collapse has to bend down and remove the sweet with their teeth (hands behind back).
Or, hang a doughnut from a piece of string (suspended from a doorway) and get them to eat it with their hands behind their backs. Trapping it against the wall is not allowed - has to be hanging free.

HelenMc1 Thu 29-Oct-09 16:34:08

My son is still too little for a Halloween party and will have to make do with a slice of M&S chocolate roll with bug-eyes to make it look seasonal, but i think this article has some good idea for food

I especially like the idea of eyeball jam tarts!

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