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Pi**ed Off Mom of 3

(5 Posts)
Treadmillmom Tue 27-Oct-09 21:22:19

I'm gonna do one, I'm seriously gonna escape anytime soon.
I am one pi**ed off mom of 3.
DS1 6yrs, DS2 4yrs and DD1 13mths.
Okay, this is why I'm peeved because I'm spending every moment of my incredibly short life repeating the following phrases:
Don't do that.
Put that down.
Put your sister down.
Take that outta your mouth.
Stop jumping on the sofa.
Stop jumping on my bed.
Stop jumping.
Stop screaming.
Stop shouting.
Pick up your rubbish.
Put on your clothes.
Take off your clothes.
Eat your breakfast.
Eat your lunch.
Eat your dinner.
Put on your shoes.
put on your coat.
Take off your shoes.
Take off your coat.
Turn the TV down.
Don't snatch.
Don't be rude.
Don't tease your brother.
Don't tease your sister.
Don't splash.
Stop drinking the bath water.
Brush your teeth don't chew your brush.
Be carefull.
Watch out.
Stop it.
Don't be silly.
Be sensible.
Get into bed.
Go to sleep...
...and so on and so forth.
This post may sound like a joke but I am not joking, I feel I've had enough and need a very, very long solitary vacation.
I'm a SAHM who's husband is out of the house 12 hours a day, zero relatives locally.
I am finding being on my own with the kids really hard and very stressfull at the moment.

saggyhairyarse Tue 27-Oct-09 21:48:58

I have days like this too, the advice I would give is to turn those negatives round so you aren't always saying what not to do (for your sake as much as theirs!).

So rather than saying 'don't do X', say 'can you do Y'? Some things I would ignore like bath water drinking, toothbrush chewing and being silly.

If the kids are jumping on the sofa then try and get them out the house, the earlier the better, to let off steam.

Good luck!

fandango75 Tue 27-Oct-09 21:50:30

oh poor you have no advice but idnt want you going unanswered
school and nursery for 1&2? and 3??? just for a day a week?

diddle Tue 27-Oct-09 22:24:14

sounds like my day today too. I have ds1 3 yrs, ds2 2yrs, ds3 7 months.
I have spent all day/week doing the same as you, i find wrappign them up warm and chucking them out in the garden works a treat. Even resorted to sending the older 2 to their rooms.
I too am a SAHM with a hard working hubbie, who isn't here long enough to deal with these issues.
Its very very hard.
I alwasy find splitting them up makes a huge difference if they're getting roudy, we have a travel safety gate just to barrier off the hall from the lounge. They soon calm down and miss one another.
worth a try, or on the other hand ignore them doing all those things.
Although chewing of tootbrush bugs the hell out of me.
I hope tomorrow is a better day

Mooncupflowethover Tue 27-Oct-09 22:52:18

Pretty much like my days then! It is extremely tedious, monotonous and stressful. I have days when I just want to walk. I was told to get the book 'Talk so kids listen and listen so kids talk'. I read the reviews on Amazon, and they were all pretty positive, so I ordered it today. I'm hoping that it provides answers to the chaos that my DS1 brings, I have my fingers and everything else crossed!

Trust me, you are not alone with the stress!

Is there anyone who's house you can set up camp at? I tend to visit my sister, she has kids around the same age.

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