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3 yr old getting up in night - 36 weeks pregnant & shattered

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beepbeep Sun 25-Oct-09 07:59:09

DD is 3 next month, we also have a 16month old DS. DD has always been a good(ish) sleeper - generally 7pm through to 6/7am, she moved into a single bed quite a while ago and this didn't seem to affect her sleeping, her brother also sleeps in the same room, again this doesn't seem to affect her sleeping, if he grumbles in the night (not very often as again he is a good sleeper) she tends to sleep through it or go back to sleep well if he does wake her.

HOWEVER, this last month or so DD has turned into a nightmare, getting up and coming into our room sometimes 4 or 5 times a night, on good nights it's only once and on the occassional night we don't see her at all. She wants to get into bed with us and if allowed tends to sleep well there (DH gave in on seeing her for 4th time at 5 this morning and she slept until 7.30), but it is not something we want to get into a habit of and to be frank I'd rather she slept in her bed!

If DH puts her back to bed she tends to go back alright & goes back to sleep, if I try and do it she often kicks off saying she wants Daddy. We used to leave our bedroom door ajar so we could hear either of them wake, but we they are in the next room and can hear with it closed, so have started shutting it, this way DD can't just walk in and climb into our bed without us noticing, she now knocks on the door and sits on the landing until we go out and put her back to bed and hasn't deterred her as I hoped it would!

Also, she started preschool in september (3 days), she usally naps for about an hour in the day (often takes herself off at preschool!) and I am 36 weeks pregnant so I know thee is a lot going on in her little life at the moment, but i'm really concerned as to how we are going to cope with baby being up at night and DD visiting us as well. She is also tired on quite a few mornings when she gets up and then crabby al day.

Can someone please suggest something to get her back into a routine of staying in bed?! Any advise would be greatly appreciated. thanks

BiscuitStuffer Sun 25-Oct-09 19:53:30

I would stop the naps and maybe add a layer to her pjs incase she's a wee bit chilly with the weather change and see what that does?

BiscuitStuffer Sun 25-Oct-09 19:54:03

like a vest / tshirt underneath

beepbeep Sun 25-Oct-09 20:00:17

Thanks, we have started leaving the heating on and she always sleeps with a vest under her pjs - used to sleep in just vest and bottoms but now top too - unfortunately not made much difference.

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