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Weaning when out

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tillymama Sat 24-Oct-09 14:45:52


*Stupid First Time Mummy Question Alert*

It's a few months yet before DD will be weaning, but I was just wondering what you do when out and about and LO needs feeding?

Do you just have to find a cafe with a highchair if it's lunchtime?
Or do you just give up on being outside at lunchtime until they are able to eat without covering everything in a 4 mile radius??

It's just that at the min, we're often out during the day over lunch. Easy to park somewhere to have milk, but can't see the same happening when BLW!!!

Helen x

boundarybabe Sat 24-Oct-09 18:49:49

I was the same! Don't worry it's easier than you think. I'm not sure of the principles behind BLW, but I often take a box of bits and bobs out with us that can be eaten cold - cooked green beans, pasta salad, sliced pepper, slices of cheese, that kind of thing. Then find a cafe with a highchair and just give them bits while you eat. Or give them bits off your plate - if you're not eating it's a good excuse to have a cuppa while they feed! You can always feed them in the pushchair if you're not near a cafe or anything.
It actually makes life easier - I've found recently when we're eating out that having something to nosh on keeps DS quiet for ages! If I'm having something he can't have I just order something on the side for him. FWIW if he makes a massive mess on the floor I always scoop up the worst of it.


thisisyesterday Sat 24-Oct-09 18:52:28

oh it's fine! if you don't want to make much mess then just give LO one or 2 bits of food at a time, but yeh, just take a sandwich, or a little container of bits and pieces and let her get on with it. tis super easy

BiscuitStuffer Sun 25-Oct-09 20:25:40

Just leave the house with a little box of finger food like cucumber sticks, pitta bread triangles, slices of cheese, bits of chicken, pasta spirals etc etc and feed her in the push chair if you're still out and you have a coffee, or you both eat together and she can eat what you've brought plus pick at what you eat - that removes the stress of what you have for lunch and where until you've got used to things a bit more.

LauraN1 Mon 26-Oct-09 22:44:26

Haha, ease of feeding will not be the only thing to miss when your placid little portable baby slowly but surely morphs into a more mobile little creature

I find BLW is actually a lot less messy than puree on spoon. In the beginning there's not need to try and have 'meals' anyway. Keep the little one snacking whilst you're out and about. It's great to keep them occupied too.

Breadsticks are every mum's favourite, and kids do - for reasons only known to them - like plain rice cakes. Yuk.

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