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DD2 going into her bed tonight. Wish me luck!

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DD2 was 2 a fortnight ago. I put up her bed earlier (it is a top bunk so has a bar down the side. Which she immediately used to demonstrate how easy it was to get in and out of her bed.
She shares with DD1 so we are hoping that will at least keep her in her room....


CharCharGabor Thu 22-Oct-09 18:38:53

Ooooh good luck! I moved DD a month ago I think (she's 2.2) and she hasn't been too bad. She still wakes up once regardless anyway though. Fingers crossed for you smile

CharCharGabor Thu 22-Oct-09 18:39:36

'regardless anyway though' - tut tut, shame on my English! grin

She does sleep through though, unlike her elder sister, and has never tried to escape from teh cot so I am hoping she will be happy enough in there. I have had to put her bed in a new place though, it wouldn't fit where her cot was, so she has new shadows and stuff as well.
She climbed in quite happily and tucked herself with a big grin, but then when DH and I left the room she freaked out and ran after us in terrified tearshmm

Tucked her back in and now I can hear DD1 chatting to her.

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