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getting out and about with baby..

(9 Posts)
scrunchie Thu 22-Oct-09 12:49:42

Just wondered if anyone had any advice..

4months now.. he has developed a bit of a pattern.. in that he dozes off every 1 and half to 2 hours for 30-40minutes and demand feeds when awake between naps but timings remain random.
I can't predict when he is going to be asleep/awake so am finding it difficult to arrange to meet people.. as been trying to time him being asleep with either being at home so he can go to sleep in cot OR being asleep when going for a walk in the buggy...

Am I making mountains out of molehills due to sleep deprivation and should I just agree to meet people at whatever time and pick him up from cot to transfer into buggy when we need to leave even if he is asleep?

tillymama Thu 22-Oct-09 12:58:06

DD is 12 weeks, and just goes with the flow. I use a sling mostly, so if DD is due a nap...I just pop her in that and then can leave the house whenever I fancy.

If she's due a sleep and I'm taking the buggy, I sometimes leave the house a bit early so she gets her nap on the way and I don't have to move her mid-sleep. Depends how grumpy she is wink

I never really think about it too carefully, just make arrangements whenever and then sort myself out on the day!

It is easy to overthink it though!

carocaro Thu 22-Oct-09 13:02:46

It is tricky to get out and about, if he is happy to sleep in his pram, go out and take the feed ready for when he wakes.

With both my DS's, I used to do this. With my 2nd he had not choice really if he was asleep and I had to get in the car to go pick DS1 up from school, or I would walk with him in the prams.

I also used to leave him in the buggy if we got back and he was a asleep, wheel him into the house!

It's hard at this age, to establish a pattern, but the time between naps and feeds with start to lengthen and you will have a better pattern making it easier to get out.

Do try and get out, it's really important to have fresh air and meet up with people, even just for a walk, half and hour for a coffee.

People will turn up at all times due to their babies and no one bats an eye lid of someone comes half and hour after later, or whatever, don't stress about being on time.

Or invite people to you house then DS can stay asleep.

Well done and good luck it does get easier I promise!

overmydeadbody Thu 22-Oct-09 13:06:10

You should be making the most of getting out and about while you just have a baby.

That's the easiest stage. Toddlers are far harder.

Babies can eat and sleep anywhere. Stop tip=toeing around and go out!

scrunchie Thu 22-Oct-09 13:49:02

Yes I think I need to relax a bit.
I guess I just don't feel very confident compared to how other people seem when I meet them out and about.
Am going to have a practice of being out and about this afternoon on my own in cafes so that if it goes wrong can come home without feeling I am deserting whoever I have arranged to meet and will see how it goes.
I think it's the lack of sleep sending me doo lally!!

belindarose Thu 22-Oct-09 15:06:45

I feel a lot like you - DD 9 weeks. I've been trying not to 'overthink' as PP said, as it's impossible to know when she'll need feeding or want to sleep. This week I've made myself try to stop planning exactly when I want things to happen, and I've been much happier about it. I've planned what I'm going to do, but not when I'm going to do it. I don't know how people ever manage to get to timed 'baby groups' or anything though!

roslily Thu 22-Oct-09 16:28:36

My ds is 6 weeks. I have been going out since the first week. but then I am quite lax about routines etc. If he falls asleep downstairs he goes in pram for nap, if upstairs into basket. I will move him if necessary and feed him wherever I am!

mollythetortoise Thu 22-Oct-09 16:46:26

my advice is to go out, whether baby is sleeping or not as right now, he'll probably sleep anywhere and IMO you do want to encourage this.

It will be harder to get out and about when baby is a toddler if he will only sleep in a bed for example.
I spent much of my dd's baby and toddler hood waiting for her to wake up so we could go out. It was very frustrating indeed!
My younger ds had to go out whether he was alseep or not as my dd (still) dictated what we did and when (mainly nursery/ school related though) and he is none the worse for it and will sleep anywhere - well in buggy or car seat plus I can transfer him from car seat to bed or sofa WITHOUT waking him which is a fantastic result grin. I could never have done that with my dd.

scrunchie Thu 22-Oct-09 18:48:47

Thanks everyone
Went out for a walk and feel loads better! Had got into the bad habit of not doing this daily cos the weather had got bad.. so will make sure to carry on doing it; maybe need to buy a good raincoat too!

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