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Your childrens access to the Internet

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funkyanna37 Tue 20-Oct-09 20:57:16

Hi, I've joined up because I'd like to start a discussion and find out about parent's views on your kids and their use of the internet.

I've always assumed that parents are very protective of how their kids use the internet and are exposed to advertising. Now I have a free website which you sign up to as an adult and is based on the idea that advertisers give away products through simple competitions. I always thought this is something that parents would actively want to keep their children away from...

Well a few of my friends - who signed up because they know this is my new venture have said that they are quite happy for their kids to play each day. Mainly because the time you spend on their each day is limited - once you've played todays competitions thats it - so there's no arguments of 'go on mum - just 5 more minutes!' Also the fact - which i hadn't realised that many of the kids internet sites their own children use are full of adverts anyway and kids are being exposed to advertising all the time anyway. At least on my site the adverts are relevant to the prizes available.

I was surprised to be honest - and its got me thinking whether we should do a specifically kiddie version of our competition site. I don't know if my friends are being positive because they are my friends and want to help me - or is there a real market for kids internet sites which contain advertising. Obviously advertisers will like it - but would you as parents allow your kids to go to such sites - or would you put it on your 'banned' lists on programs like net nanny?

Realise this is probably a very divisive topic - but would be good to hear peoples views...

emmaand3 Wed 21-Oct-09 19:04:46

I let my two play on the internet, obviously I make sure I know what they are doing. My daughter plays games like brit chicks which is a safe online game where the characters are in a virtual world. She dresses her character and completes minichallenges.

They also play other games like club penguin and Nick Junior. As far as advertising goes they are subjected to it all the time anyway, magazines,tv even on food packets.

funkyanna37 Wed 21-Oct-09 20:43:10

thanks emma - its a minefield - but its interesting to find out what people think...

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