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Has any pregnant woman had swine flu and Relenza followed by a healthy baby?

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whensmydayoff Mon 19-Oct-09 14:33:00

It bugs me that they tell us about the few pregnant woman who have died with swine flu but not told us if many have had it (officially) and been fine.
I'd also like to know if any babies have been born healthy after taking relenza? Or even after having swine flu and no Relenza.
Again, never mentioned.
I sometimes wonder why such basics aren't covered on the TV so we know what we are up against.
Imagine if it turns out thousands of pregnant woman have had it and been fine and we are all panicing and considering that decidedley dodgy vaccine!

3l15a8eth Mon 19-Oct-09 17:33:09

I was worred about this as one of my relitives has swine flu before she new she was pregnant. I spoke to a friend in Nz they are ahead of us in terms of they have had a winter with it and they give thery mums to be tamiflu witch is the one we don't give for mums two be with know ill affects.

Morloth Mon 19-Oct-09 20:37:50

Well I have had swine flu and taken Relenza and everything seems fine on scans etc. A friend of mine had swine flu badly enough that she ended up on Tamiflu and has just given birth to healthy twins.

Swine flu was a PITA but not nearly as bad (for us) as a dose of normal flu, if I hadn't been pregnant I wouldn't have bothered with taking anything, but my chest did start making some weird noises and I was informed that the real problem with being pregnant and having swine flu (or any strong flu) was the risk of pneumonia because your lungs are already under a bit of pressure and can't clear themselves properly.

I am back to full health and bubs is wriggling away!

whensmydayoff Tue 20-Oct-09 08:33:22

Good to hear morloth. I just never hear of pregnant woman being fine, just the bad stories.
Was it like nothing you have ever had or was it like any bad virus?
Would love to hear more of these stories so that all us worriers can read them and feel more confident about swine flu and relenza.

whensmydayoff Tue 20-Oct-09 08:35:31

3l15aeth - How is your relative in NZ? Did she have her baby?

Morloth Tue 20-Oct-09 10:18:06

Not even a bad virus for me. When DS had it it was a bit like norovirus. Looks of vomiting and diarrhoea and crazy temps (up and down) and just generally fluey. We did give him the Tamiflu because we were hoping that I might not get it. But if I wasn't pregnant I would have just helped him to ride it out with calpol and ibruprofen.

The version I got (after having been thrown up on multiple times) was like a really bad headcold. Nose and sinus was a mess, throat like razor blades, a bad (and lingering) cough (hence the chest problem) and absolutely wiped out, couldn't get out of bed. No fever or vomiting or diarrhoea though (thank goodness).

DH got nothing even though he stayed home and looked after both of us.

I have had much worse flus. We are 99% sure it was swine flu because it burned through the school pretty fast and a couple of kids were actually tested and came up positive. So it seems quite virulent but not terribly dangerous (presumably if you are a fit and healthy type to start with).

Try not to worry too much (hard though I know!).

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