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My 6 month old won't stop pooing!

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CookieMonster2 Mon 19-Oct-09 10:57:35

I have a 6 month old who since last Thursday has been producing about 8 dirty nappies a day. Sometimes there isn't a great deal there but the number of times a day he does it isn't reducing. He has ended up with a really bad nappy rash, which is now just about under control.

I am sure it isn't a stomach bug as he doesn't have a temp and seems well and happy.

I had wondered if it might be a gluton allergy (although desperately hoping not) as we started weaning him a couple of weeks ago. I stopped giving him any foods with gluton in a couple of days ago to see if it helped but it hasn't. I'm not sure its a problem with his diet anyway given that he was eating solids with no problems for about a week and a half before this started.

I also wonder if its a teething problem, but we don't have any other symptoms of teething.

Can anyone suggest what I should be doing to help this? Is there something I should or shouldn't be giving him to eat? Should I worry about gluton or is it fine to let him eat foods containing it?

Any advice welcome, as it will save me a long queue at the baby clinic to see a hv!

Drooper Mon 19-Oct-09 18:53:59

I would keep him off the gluten foods for a bit longer. Is he just having friut and veg otherwise (thinking if it is something like egg that has set him off)

It could be a tummy bug and it is taking his gut a while to recover. There are lots of things it could be though as you've mentioned..

I would think that it should settle down in next few days and if it didn't, I would check him out with GP.

whelk Mon 19-Oct-09 20:21:08

could it just be his system adjusting to solids? are the poos sloppy or firm (if tmi then sorry)

Jelly76 Mon 19-Oct-09 20:29:40

Best thing would be to stop all foods except milk and then re-introduce one food at a time slowly.
Keep a diary/chart so you can see when any change takes place and what food might have caused it.
With my little one it was strawberry anything... including calpol!
But food allergies often display themselves in this way.
If it carrys on with just the usual milk alone... then take baby to the doctors.
But make sure you keep up the fluid intake until the nappies settle down.

Hope it sorts out quickly and soon

CookieMonster2 Tue 20-Oct-09 16:37:35

Thanks everyone. Ended up seeing the hv today, just to see if we could get anything better to help with the nappy rash.
She has suggested going back to just baby rice and fruit/veg until things have settled down, and then slowly introducing foods again. Bit frustrating as he has been doing really well with his food but we'll see how it goes.

MrsDandBaby Wed 21-Oct-09 09:31:17

we're got the same issue with our 5 month old but have put it down to teething as she's not been weaned yet. has gone from one pooey nappy a day to 8 or so but has all the other signs of teething as well - dribbly, chewy + nappy rash. still seems fairly content most of the time and sleeping ok (when she finally gives in)

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