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Confess your daftest parenting decisions

(2 Posts)
acebaby Thu 15-Oct-09 19:46:24

Two recent examples

1. giving DS1 (4.2) felt tips to entertain himself with during a long car journey. He arrived at his grandparents' house with a moustache and his legs neatly coloured in green. I mean - what was I thinking!

2. and this really is stupid... entertaining DS1 on a rainy day by showing him youtube films of magicians cutting people in half. He was trying to entice DS2 (17mo) into a box within the hour!

Fortunately for poor DS2, being, unlike me, a responsible parent, DH has put all the knives on a very high contraption on the kitchen wall...

So go on mners - confess and make me feel better smile

Wallace Thu 15-Oct-09 20:48:17

Tomato soup for luch when our washing machine was broken was not one of my best decisions.

So why did I do it again two days later.. blush

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