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quilts and bumpers

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cheeky Mon 26-May-03 13:30:11

I know that shops sometimes sell baby stuff that isn't recommended like baby walkers and cot bumpers, but why do they sell quilts for Moses basket and cribs when these are only suitable for young babies and quilts should not be used under 12 months.

Is it because they are are a different kind of quilt, like a special lightweight one that won't cause overheating?

Also, they sell bumpers for cribs; I've heard different things about these, some say like quilts and for the same reason bumpers shouldn't be used under 12 months (baby can get too hot) but I've also heard that bumpers shouldn't be used after 12 months either as baby can climb on them and get out of the cot and can also get strangled by the ties.

Melly Tue 27-May-03 09:10:04

Hi Cheeky. Yes, I know what you mean about these things. I bought a cot bumper when I was expecting my dd and it is still in it's wrapper in the bottom of her wardrobe. I didn't use it when she was small in case she wriggled her way up the cot and her head got too hot against it, and then didn't want to use it once she could sit up in case she got tangled in it etc etc. I think a lot of these things look very nice in shop displays and in glossy baby catalogues but they aren't always very safe or practical.
The other thing that annoys me is cataloges which sell those sheepskins things, showing a picture of a baby sleeping on one in a cot or crib, my understanding is that you shouldn't put your baby to sleep on these and they will get too hot? Even more annoying is that they are usually put on the same page displaying lightweight sleeping bags for example ensuring baby is kept at right temperature or those devices for ensuring baby is kept in right position in the cot. Is it just me or is confusing for parents who are a bit unsure about how to keep their babies safe.

LIZS Tue 27-May-03 11:03:30

Sheepskins are used over here all year round as pram/pushchair liners - I believe they are supposed to be breathable and therefore should not cause overheating !?

cori Tue 27-May-03 15:10:59

My DS has slept on sheepskin since he was born. Bought in Australia, specially mafuactured for babies beds. there supposed to be warm in winter , cool in summer. As far as know most aussies use them.

cheeky Tue 27-May-03 15:43:44

Yes I know midwives who use sheepskins, they are meant to let air circulate so maintain the right temperature.

What about moses basket quilts though, are they a lightweight form that don't cause overheating

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