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What do we tell DD about DH's vasectomy?

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LuP Tue 13-Oct-09 14:15:28

Hi All

Advice/previous experience wanted please. DH is having a vasectomy in a couple of weeks which rather unhelpfully coincides with DD being on 1/2 term from her pre-school. My dilemma is what do we tell her. She's VERY enquiring and knows the facts of life but doesn't know about the mechanics of how babies are made (TMI for a 4yo IMHO). So... we don't want to lie to her but how do we explain why Daddy is at home for a couple of days and that we're going to have to be extra careful with him?

Thanks in advance,

Lu smile

Gingemeeeklookatthatspider Tue 13-Oct-09 14:19:30

When DH had his he was circumstised too. We just told the boys Daddy has had an operation and has a sore willy so be careful. We didn't bother with the ins and out of why. I still wince when I remember ds5 standing straight up between DH's legs though and DH very nearly screamed hmm

kreecherlivesupstairs Wed 14-Oct-09 07:18:07

I'm not sure why you'd need to tell a child but what about 'daddy has had his reproductive organs hacked about a bit and is in a lot of pain' or 'daddy has meales on his willy and it hurts a lot'.

Weegle Wed 14-Oct-09 07:25:24

Just say Daddy's poorly - let's be extra nice and be gentle with him... I wouldn't go further than that personally and I'm an open and honest person to DS (3) about my pregnancy.

ABetaDad Wed 14-Oct-09 07:34:21

I would tell her that Daddy has a bad leg and she must not run into Daddy, jump on him or sit on him for a while. wink

If you tell her what is really happening then she will tell all her friends and teachers at school and then her friends will tell her parents and before you know it the entire city will know. grin

notevenamousie Wed 14-Oct-09 07:38:09

I wouldn't tell her the details for the reasons ABD said - Daddy is poorly and has a sore tummy will be plenty!

RustyBear Wed 14-Oct-09 07:39:02

You might want to make sure she doesn't get the wrong end of the stick (so to speak) like the Year 3 child at the school I work at, who told the teacher his gran had brought him in that day 'because Mummy had to take Daddy to hospital to get his willy cut off....'

GertieGumboyle Wed 14-Oct-09 07:42:24

I'd go for the sore leg explanation. No need whatsoever to go into any detail about it.

ABetaDad Wed 14-Oct-09 08:16:32

Of course if you go with the 'bad leg' story she will still tell all her friends and teachers at school and then her friends will tell her parents and before you know it the entire city will know.

Then Daddy wil have to keep up the lie to evryone that asks how his leg is. grin

[One little lie leads to another as my infant school teacher used to say]

notevenamousie Wed 14-Oct-09 09:06:06

That might be so but better than everyone knowing that daddy but his bits snipped so that there would be no more babies - sometimes white lies are ok, aren't they? and this sounds like one of those times!

notevenamousie Wed 14-Oct-09 09:06:29

had not but...

LuP Wed 14-Oct-09 14:06:00

Dear All

Thanks for your responses, we will need to tell DD as she's on half-term so will be coming with me to drop DH at hospital and pick him up again. She's VERY enquiring and fully clued up on how the human body works so not only difficult to fob off but I don't want to get into a lie leading to another lie situation. I think some vagueness about exactly what he's had done is in order.

Thanks again.

Lu grin

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